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He's Fallen and He Can't Get Up

Edgar Allan Poe is found delirious in a gutter in Baltimore, Maryland, on this date in 1849. The circumstances are still shrouded in mystery, and it is the last time he’s seen in public before his death.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (2008)

Salander had had no idea that so many household products could be transformed into deadly weapons.’

I see it’s taken me about five weeks to get through this. 369 more words


Tim O'Brien Born on This Day

American writer Tim OBrien born this day. OBrien is well known for writing about the Vietnam War and its impact on the men who fought there. 15 more words


we don't need another hero


Our dog died last summer. I was seven when my grandfather died.


Yes he got rid of the boy cats and she got rid of the girls and maybe it is a matter of decay for while he was getting rid of the boys his girls were being the life of the party and maybe that takes the sadness away a little they do not hide behind their mother they’re not afraid to take the floor at an outdoor family cookout and sing tragic opera to the laughter of their audience it’s good for a shy father to have outgoing daughters hear these things hear how she let her cats go on the old road how they mewed sadly but she just got a new couch doesn’t want them to tear it up and how the older one the one in third grade cried when she came home from school and found them gone but the young one the one in first didn’t seem to mind that much and if you notice how it’s all entangled the invisible magic of it which makes you question and wonder and doubt it takes some of the sadness away when you realize how little other people think of you even when you make a big deal out of getting rid of a cat how little you think of them when you think they should have to hear what you have say anyway how it’s amazing we go around absorbing one another confirming each other’s presence with puffed up impressions of ourselves someone else can easily deflate simply by shifting the point of view… the truth is we overestimate ourselves while others underestimate us and when it “collapses” maybe it’s like musical chairs you find out where everyone is and who’s left standing. 180 more words

A Work In Progress


Meet Quentin P.

He is a problem for his professor father and his loving mother, though of course they do not believe the charge of sexual molestation of a minor that got him in that bit of trouble. 894 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

nobody really doubts that the presence or absence of the cat is something independent of the act of observation...


Don’t you get it? He’s talking about Schrodinger’s cat again.


That’s right. Your uncle went to Tulane on an AFROTC scholarship in physics. And you’re going to the same school Brian went to his cousin who died while he was off at officer basic training. 322 more words

A Work In Progress

Eternal Night - Chapter 1

After such scene took place two days later, school started too.

If I remember correctly, I was in tenth grade, meaning that I would graduate high school in two years. 3,522 more words