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You Were There Before My Eyes--Book Review!

This book is wandering mammoth of a story, in roughly the same vein of generational stories like The Thorn Birds, but it falls short of the aforementioned’s greatness because of some serious flaws. 314 more words


Top Ten Tuesday | School Age Favorites

10 of the Best Books I Read, NOT for School

I hated reading school assigned books.  I have an aversion to reading what I’ve been instructed to.   792 more words



So the PAR (post apocalyptic romance, just to be clear) edit is going. And going. And gooooiiiiing.

I don’t know why I’m so surprised that I’m reworking and rewriting as much as I am, to take it to 2nd draft, but it has surprised me. 153 more words

My Writing

The Burning Dark

The Burning Dark
By Adam Christopher

SF and horror are a great mix because of the sharp juxtaposition between the more rational part of our brains and our primitive, subconscious fears. 193 more words


The Scent of Cut Grass

Blackberries! There is an abundance of fruit this year. Last weekend we collected bucketfuls. The activity made me think of one of the scenes in Sarah Water’s, ‘Little Stranger’, where her character is picking blackberries as her dog runs in and out of the brambles. 246 more words

Review: 'Cragside' by LJ Ross.

DCI Ryan may have been expecting a sedate summer with his fiancée in the run-up to their wedding, living within the grounds of Cragside, a spectacular Northumberland mansion surrounded by forests but where would the fun be in that? 203 more words


Submemory 19 - 21

​Chapter 19

Aden’s office looked like a museum, there were ancient paintings and artifacts, everything here must have cost billions, yet here they were, sitting in his office with no one to admire them but himself. 3,652 more words