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Series I Won't Be Finishing


I’m one of those people who feels guilty about not finishing a book. If I’m going to put time into getting part of the way into a book and then don’t like it, I’ll probably still finish it. 752 more words


New Interview at Little Novelist

Today I’m over at Little Novelist, talking about blogging, novel-writing, and general inspiration for my projects. I also share one of my favorite pieces of writing advice, and confess as to why I don’t have a truly specific “blogging niche.” (*blushes*) 73 more words


Naseem Jamnia: writing to save a life

“All I ever want to do is write,” Naseem Jamnia told me over the phone one morning as we chatted. She was describing the stage of transition she’s in, career-wise: she’s about to start a Ph.D program in a different field and is giving it a year-long trial to see if it’s what she’s passionate about. 1,207 more words

Creative Writing

Friday Fictioneers - Paradise Lost

The palm trees lining the wooden promenade swayed gently in the hot ocean breeze. The sky above the village was its usual cloudless blue. From my seat outside the café I watched as a small crowd gathered down by the shoreline.  69 more words


Is Research Really Procrastination? (A peek into book two)

When to Visit Italy  Follow this link to get a sneak peek into book number two! You are probably thinking something along the lines of, “Where is book one?” How can there be a two without a one?” To answer those questions, I am working on it! 274 more words

My Journey In Writing

The publishing process made me a better storyteller

Maybe I should have kept up my vigorous regimen of procrastination.

Fortunately, I hadn’t given up procrastination cold turkey, I was gradually easing off it as part of a 112 step program. 497 more words


Of Writers and Authors

or me the hardest part of the writing process is editing, but as I have said time and time again, it’s also the most important. Editing is what separates authors from writers. 371 more words