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Review: Trickster by Tom Moorhouse

I read – and loved! – Tom’s first book,The River Singers, which was published in 2013, snapped up the sequel, The Rising, as soon as it came out and when his latest book, … 816 more words


Me Before You // Jojo Moyes

Once in awhile a magical thing occurs, a book you weren’t expecting finds its way into your grasp and you can’t put it down. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was this magical book for me most recently. 190 more words


Common Spelling Mistakes and How to Remember Them

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like spelling mistakes are becoming more and more frequent and as a result, more and more annoying. Here’s some that really get on my nerves. 307 more words


მოკლედ / shortly

მოკლედ, ეს ბლოგი განკუთვნილი იქნება მოთხრობებისთვის, რომლებიც ძირითადად, არატრადიციული ორიენტაციის ბიჭების გარშემო იტრიალებს. თაგები ყველას სწორად მიენიჭება და თუ რომელიმე არ მოგწონთ, არც გახსნათ, არც წაიკითხოთ.


Chapter 8

Bullets screamed through the air, cutting down friend and foe. The Taken were stronger than the Fallen had anticipated, and they were gaining reinforcements every minute. 333 more words


Elf Story, Chapter Four Done!

Thus debuts our male lead and antagonist! At least…in the first draft. Who knows what the latter drafts will bring?

Best out-of-context line?

“I don’t know…I… 27 more words

Creative Writing


I’m not going to lie. I always wonder what it is like for the people missionaries affect. Missionaries who come in with a holy purpose to tell you that what you have been doing isn’t right. 410 more words