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Review -- "Sway" -- Zachary Lazar

Sway by Zachary Lazar

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An intriguing diversion that attempts to connect the occult, death, and the later hippie culture. The novel centres around the Rolling Stones, the film maker and occultist Kenneth Anger, and Charles Manson disciple Bobby Beausoleil, and attempts to meld together the early anger of the Stones, the dissolution of 60s youth like Beausoleil, and the death of the hippie dream, using Anger as a device that connects those worlds. 250 more words


Books That Deserved Better Covers

Some books are blessed with amazing covers… and others aren’t. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about some of my favourite book covers… 333 more words



Some lines from my upcoming novel, ‘Sojourn’.

“After all this time, she wanted to see herself the way he had seen her. The way he had looked at her, almost looking into her very soul, each time, before making love to her. 45 more words


Why Self Publish?

Why Self-Publish?

The answer to that question is another question: what’s your goal?  What are your hopes for this novel?  You’ve spent the past however-long carefully slaving over it, and now it’s done; what do you want it to go and do? 672 more words


we were liars - book review

heya, hello, hey, hi.

Guess what – I’m getting back into reading!  It started a week or two ago, a bit after I wrote my… 313 more words


Man Booker International Reviews: Part 4 (and the official shortlist)

The official Man Booker International Prize shortlist of six books was announced on Thursday:

  • Compass by Mathias Enard (translated from the French by Charlotte Mandell)
  • 719 more words

Review: The Woman in Black

Over the weekend I had the privilege to see the live performance of The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre in London. The tickets fell into my lap suddenly and I had the chance to see the show with three of my friends. 292 more words