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Do you judge a book by its cover?

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I used to believe and follow that advice. I’ve read some excellent books that came “in a plain brown wrapper.” 486 more words


Alan Dean Foster returns for the 'Force Awakens' novelisation!

Alan Dean Foster, the man who penned (and collaborated with George Lucas on) the first potential Star Wars sequel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, as well as ghostwriting the novelisation of the original… 159 more words

The Force Awakens

Second batch of books read in 2015...

I always make time to read and the last few months have not been an exception. Here is a list what I have been reading since my… 740 more words

The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave sounded promising to me, but I have to admit I didn’t expect much. I hate that. I hate that I approach all YA fiction with a sense of hesitancy, when based on my past reads, I’ve loved just about every YA book I’ve chosen. 698 more words



Now through Sunday, April 19, 2015 midnight, my NEW EBOOK is totally FREE! (Romantic suspense novel)

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

What do you do when love dies?   465 more words

Books By Ronald Joseph Kule

Lynnie in Wonderland

Hello. Hi. Hola amigos? I’m not very sure how one actually starts the first blog post on their blog to be perfectly honest with you. I mean I’ve never really known how to properly start anything actually. 585 more words