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Review of Andrew Cull's Hope and Walker

Ah, you can’t beat a good, old-fashioned ghost story. Not the one where the ghost is terrorising a house, but one where it has a purpose. 296 more words


A Review of Aphotic Realm's Classified

Aphotic Realm have been operating for just over a year now, and since then, they have released three issues (including Classified), Mandi Jourdan’s Shadows of the Mind, and a new short story collection called Tales from the Realm Vol 1. 305 more words


"Vol 1 Has Enough for the Reader to be Engaged": Twilight Hotel Vol 1 Review

Twilight Hotel Vol 1 is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign consisting of the team, story writer RA X, artist Michael Aryn and editor Darrell E. 287 more words


ITCH: A Collection of Short Stories Review

Debut works from writers can be tricky, especially the ones that are self-published. With new technologies, the market has become over-saturated in recent years. However, since releasing his collection of short stories, ITCH, A.A. 246 more words


Opinion Piece: Day by Day Armageddon Is A Thrilling Zombie Story

It’s the weekend, which means that you may have some spare time on your hands. If you’re looking for a good book with nail-biting suspense, then J. 175 more words


Review of Tobin Rickard's Momma

When it comes to short stories, the author doesn’t have the freedom to flesh-out the story to the extent of a novel, or even a novella, which is why they usually focus on one moment in time. 255 more words


Review of Kay Oliver's SICKO

SICKO is a collection of six short stories (and one titular novella), and attempts to travel into the pyche of a deranged individual. Here, author, Kay Oliver, presents us with situations of everyday life, from father-son bonding to a simple phone call to a 9-11 operator; but life isn’t that simple, as someone has to suffer for the twisted to be satisfied. 214 more words