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Month three - November 14

Winter is coming…. In November!

While this is normal for most of the world, coming from the southern hemisphere the idea of a cold Christmas seems a bit upside down. 526 more words


Silver-Tailed Squawk

by Maggie Boles

I’m thinking of a word that begins
with s and I’m thinking of
the beginning of it all before you
were as good as dead. 303 more words


When We Meet

by Olivia Somes

You ask me about the weather,
I shake you and yell don’t be afraid of me.

You cup my jaws with your hands… 331 more words


where I live your town becomes my town becomes our town

by Timothy Matthew Perez

because your life, your wife, your two point five kids are my imaginings.
because your actuality is my face in your window heaving over the chicken… 619 more words


Free Refills

by Suzanne Allen

after James Tate

The wind was blowing so hard that it closed
the car door. A tan man with sandy hair
walked toward me from over by the… 160 more words


Racism or not, Michael Brown shouldn't be dead

I’ll try to be brief, but this needs to be said. I often read statistics of women getting lower average pay than men and of black people being incarcerated more often than whites. 531 more words


'On This Silent Night' Music Video

On This Silent Night

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My many thanks to my team!  Look at all these fabulous people!!!

All of my prayer warriors! 216 more words

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