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Vintage quote

Today’s vintage quote is from November 17, 2012, when Frances was five years old.

We were getting out of the car to go into the house when she asked one of those questions that make her sound like a little philosopher. 19 more words


Words by Misha

You joke away with such ease, while I struggle just to keep my breathing normal. My mind goes blank as foggy numbness engulfs my brain; I begin to forget who I am. 329 more words


Words by Aseel Bashraheel

You shackled me without cuffs and brought

me to my knees and I shattered into a

thousand pieces for you. And I remember

how when we first met, you said I shouldn’t… 325 more words


Words by Ghadeer Hassan

2 a.m. in the morning, I felt so cold even though it was summer time. I lay down, close my eyes and start thinking about you. 371 more words


Five financial products you should own

You don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to build wealth. With the right products, you can grow and protect a healthy nest egg. 684 more words


Nurturing self-acceptance

One of my projects has been to illustrate a story about my maternal grandparents for my children. My mother’s parents lived a life that appeared to be supported, rather than encumbered, by self-consciousness. 167 more words

Art Journal

The Sun Explodes Reveal 'The Unnatural' Video & New EP Details

“A brilliant cocktail of noise”Metal Hammer

“Titanic pile-up of tangled riffs and dispairing vocals, memorable for all the right reasons”Terrorizer

“Sonic scientists with soul, a wondrous advery for new school thinking” 212 more words

Possessive Management