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Why Vote?

Okay, so this topic might seem more appropriate for this November rather than right now. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently and wanted to go ahead and express my thoughts. 731 more words


Fighting the wrong war

President Obama has been criticized for his failure to name the enemy by saying the words ‘Islamic terrorism.’ He has even gone on a denial/apologetic tour to deflect any blame for the actions of Muslim terrorists, and his Administration even went so far as to say that climate change is the real enemy. 817 more words

My Candidate or ....

On several occasions, I have heard “Bernie or Bust”.  This could apply to Hillary supporters, too.  I’m not choosing sides here.

Then there is the “things may need to get worse before they get better”.  354 more words


New Year's Marijuana Resolutions

By Joan Eberhardt

With the advent of a New Year it’s an excellent time for a little self-improvement. That doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym any more or less than you currently do (but if leaving your socks on the floor is such a big deal, maybe work on that.) Consider making a few changes to your cannabis-related habits in 2016, we will be doing the same, in the hopes that we can all be more considerate, tidier folks. 388 more words

Fixing Roads or More Funding for Projects: Issue 2C TAX Increase

Sent by Voter via E-mail.

Know the REAL FACTS before you vote on 2C
It is a hidden tax to fund the downtown stadium, of which the majority in Colorado Springs not believe it will succeed. 1,593 more words