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The New Hampshire Primary results are in - and the story is forming

The results from the New Hampshire primary are in – and they foreshadow what could be an interesting election in November.  Of course, things could change between now and then. 229 more words

Contrasting Homes

It has been several months since we have sent out a blog and personal update, and much has happened.  We had a wonderful visit from Nishant’s parents, an MCC All Staff Workshop, Christmas celebrations, and a trip back to Canada. 1,608 more words

People Magazine and the Palin Familiy: A Perfect Match

The truth be damned!  With the Palin family, it is always about media attention, rather than making any attempt to reveal the truth.  It seems that People Magazine has now embraced that philosophy.   683 more words

People Magazine Thinks Sailor was Born in NOVEMBER!!!

Stop the presses!  Bloggers tried for weeks to convince the American public that Sailor was born in November, instead of December.  First there was the revelation that… 303 more words

Re: November 2015 Paris attacks

As a young Frenchman, one of my first jobs as a messenger in Paris was daily deliveries to the Charlie Hebdo office, where I got to meet many of the journalists who lost their lives a few months ago in a terrible attempt against freedom of expression. 212 more words