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#Albrecht in early performances of Giselle

From tenderness all the way to despair, Albrecht, when performed by Ivan Vasiliev, is a character we can
understand and recognize. He brings depth to his interpretation and makes us believe what he feels. 72 more words

Ivan Vasiliev

Addicted to English

I press the button on the small remote and the door of the garage slowly rolls up. I stare into a dark underground street with garageboxes on both sides, every now and then there is an opening in the ceiling to let some rays of light through. 348 more words

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Lazy Novosibirsk

As a real Siberian city Novosibirsk does not have an old centre that is filled with pretty churches and other old buildings. This city was founded at the end of the 20th century and the population was too busy with surviving in the harsh conditions  that they rather build houses than churches. 203 more words

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Afternoon nap

The border officer starts talking about Johan Cruyff and Patrick Kluivert as soon as he finds out that I am from Niderlandy. He asks me a couple questions in Russian and I feel sorry that I can’t understand him but at the same time I reckon that I speak just the right amount of Russian to stay out of trouble. 624 more words

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