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Dispatches From Siberia #3: Language Creates all the Problems--Then Solves Them

Last week, I bought a set of hair clippers. This action, which would be incredibly simple at home, had a number of layers and difficulties. First, hair clippers are hard to find. 1,728 more words

Dispatches From Siberia #2: Where I am and Why

Why did you come here? A student asked me that last week as I was introduced to her class. A few classmates giggled. A few others gave the question-asker some pretty harsh side-eyes. 2,172 more words

Novosibirsk & Tomsk

Throughout our journey across Russia so far, every time we tell someone we’re going to Novosibirsk and Tomsk for a couple of days, we would get replies along the lines of, 813 more words

Irkutsk & Trans-Siberian Railway

Apart from Olkhon Island, there was nothing much to do and see in Irkutsk itself. When we got back from the island, we checked back into our hostel and headed out for dinner with Chaowat. 1,074 more words

Days 6 & 7: Central Siberia - Vodka, wooden houses and time zones

After a restful night in Tobolsk, I was mentally prepared to set off on a very long trip through Siberia26 hours in total including three trains and two stop-offs of a bunch of hours each. 2,435 more words

Ferrovia Transiberiana


Odds are you have never heard of the Ob River or of Novosibirsk. Perhaps you’ve seen them on a map and wondered. Well, the Ob is the Mississippi River of Siberia (well, one of three…but the Ob is the biggest). 792 more words


Hello from 5000 miles away...

It’s been about a month since my last post (sorry not sorry) but I’ve been on three amazing holidays. It’s okay to be jealous, it’s just part of human emotions. 606 more words