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File This Faux Foodie Kickstarter Under "Now I've Seen Everything..."

Hey, I just LOVE a great potato salad, folks, but this made me laugh a lot and cringe a little. Yes, you can actually throw some money at… 188 more words


So on Sunday afternoon I stumbled upon a gif from that AXN Korea promo for Hannibal, Mukozuke and I thought I must’ve been having a Will Graham style hallucination…(or that it was just some awesome photoshopping) 35 more words


Hello, people of the world. I’m Barack Obama. My dash is pretty dead, like Osama Bin Laden. So if you could reblog/like/whateveryouwant I will follow you and probably declare you my Secretary if you know what I mean.

56 more words

I’m consistently impressed by the writing of the AV Club. Fantastic article about one of my Desert Island Top 5 Favorite Albums. http://avc.lu/RcQRD7


German man weds his cat...now I've heard everything!!!!

A German man married his cat, because she was dying and he wanted to make that final commitment to her.  I am justspeechless over the whole thing.  31 more words


Japan Times - Phrase 69

Japan Times の『これで英語が通じた!思ったことがズバリ言えるフレーズ」から


■今週のフレーズ – 69

Now I’ve seen everything


A: Now I’ve seen everything: it’s an invitation to Keiko’s wedding.
B: And she used to say she’d die before getting married. 17 more words


Re: It Had to Happen

Librarian pasties posted by Calluna on Craftster.

For the burlesque librarian workin’ hard for the money at the Boom-Boom Book Room, paper craft nipple tassels complete with minature, hand sewn books for the tassel part. 32 more words

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