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File This Faux Foodie Kickstarter Under "Now I've Seen Everything..."

Hey, I just LOVE a great potato salad, folks, but this made me laugh a lot and cringe a little. Yes, you can actually throw some money at… 188 more words


So on Sunday afternoon I stumbled upon a gif from that AXN Korea promo for Hannibal, Mukozuke and I thought I must’ve been having a Will Graham style hallucination…(or that it was just some awesome photoshopping) 35 more words

Now I've Seen Everything - NISE

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Hello, people of the world. I’m Barack Obama. My dash is pretty dead, like Osama Bin Laden. So if you could reblog/like/whateveryouwant I will follow you and probably declare you my Secretary if you know what I mean.

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I’m consistently impressed by the writing of the AV Club. Fantastic article about one of my Desert Island Top 5 Favorite Albums. http://avc.lu/RcQRD7


German man weds his cat...now I've heard everything!!!!

A German man married his cat, because she was dying and he wanted to make that final commitment to her.  I am justspeechless over the whole thing.  31 more words


Japan Times - Phrase 69

Japan Times の『これで英語が通じた!思ったことがズバリ言えるフレーズ」から


■今週のフレーズ – 69

Now I’ve seen everything


A: Now I’ve seen everything: it’s an invitation to Keiko’s wedding.
B: And she used to say she’d die before getting married. 17 more words