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The Conceit!

Archaeology, religion, philosophy… history itself, all stem from a self-serving attachment to dominance and glory.

Nothing of purity any longer exists in the public record. All that still exists has been hidden from view. 43 more words

Now Moment

Upon Waking

Sleep still in my eyes…

Holding on to VISIONS

of Most High.

Now Moment

Quiet The Mind - Expand The Heart

Why is it so challenging to quiet the mind when it comes to matters of the heart? Sometimes, no matter what tools we leverage, navigating the chatter in our head to connect with and hear our heart feels like a futile effort. 276 more words

Spiritual Toolbox

Pat Cegan - All Is Prayer

Meditate all day Stay in the now of your life All becomes prayer

via All Is Prayer — Source of Inspiration

In the Now Moment

Take time today to Be Still, in the Now Moment.  If you have a sacred space, a place you retreat to for me time, go there now. 348 more words

Wellbeing Corner

Loving Thought of the Day

By Fran Zepeda


“Choosing to BE in the World of JOY, takes you there, with its myriad possibilities and Light-filled moments of Now … Exalted and Passionate, Humble and Elated you are, in this Joy-filled Moment that you can return to at any moment.

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Fran's Channeled Messages

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