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Sunday Serenity - When Time Stops

Take a deep breath.

Then another.

And another…

Gently, close your eyes.

Enter within  to the Halls of Stillness.

That place where time stops. 29 more words

Wellbeing Corner

“I wandered lonely as a cloud”

This excerpt is from sparknotes about William Wordsworth “daffodil” poem. I think of it of this treasure of a poem each spring when I see the first yellow blooms if the year. 124 more words

Now Moment

Twin Flames - Embodying the Energetic Dance ~ Jan. 7, 2018

Hi there!

It has been a while that I felt inspired to write about Twin Flames. This blog came through with passing the threshold into a whole new era of co-creation and embodiment. 3,667 more words

bd diary . september 18

Here we go again. Nothing getting done. Absolutely nothing. Mind clouded by so many things yet none of them clear. It’s pathetic. Regrets raining on me continuously. 257 more words


diagnosis: bd

being diagnosed with bipolar disorder was no fun. in fact, so far it did more damage to me than the disorder itself. i am speaking for myself and quite honestly don’t care for your opinion if it includes the words ‘you are wrong.’ it’s my perception of the world. 98 more words


The Conceit!

Archaeology, religion, philosophy… history itself, all stem from a self-serving attachment to dominance and glory.

Nothing of purity any longer exists in the public record. All that still exists has been hidden from view. 43 more words

Now Moment

Upon Waking

Sleep still in my eyes…

Holding on to VISIONS

of Most High.

Now Moment