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Like any good writer, a significant portion of my time is spent around writing. As in circling around an ex-friend you recognised from across the room at a party, trying to put as many people and other obstacles between the two of you in order to prevent an actual interaction. 590 more words



It’s 2016!!! It’s summer again!! The fun had just began and so on. Sure, it’s not only me who can’t wait for this highlighted event this year, the CLOSE UP FOREVER SUMMER (The Freshest Night Of Our Lives) that will be held at Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds. 95 more words


The Ex-Friend 32 - Hold that thought

Just when I thought that things with this guy seemed to be leveling down, I get a phone call from him in the middle of the day, about 2 months after his arrival to the place ‘he hated so much, he felt like tearing the license plate off the car once he crossed the state’s city limits”, just like he did one month after being in the Pacific, to inform me of the following: “I’m just calling you quickly to let you know that I’m getting out of here!!!” 585 more words

The Ex-Friend

#2 Positive Vibes for you

When you have an idea, start on it right away. Because Tomorrow its stale & might not interest you so much as now. MOMENTS of inspiration are your highest points of raw productive energy – use it , drill it…. 16 more words



We think, but we’re not clever
We exist, but not together
We live, but not forever
The time, is now or never


EVENT Martell Vanguard Experience Concert ft. The Roots

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Martell is truly a cognac that is above the rest. Recently, I was invited to attend a private event to fully embrace the “Martell Experience” and I was left in awe. 184 more words


Aging Vagrant

Scattershot bravado is what you’re perfume smells of. It lingers in the air as we wait with bathed breathe for a sign of life. A sign of success from you is but an inkling of what we expect. 84 more words