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[1: 1,449 of 10,000] How I Am Batting My Destructive Repetitive Thoughts?

A healthy mind should not have a repetitive destructive thoughts. Having a negative thought affect my concentration that I become unproductive and even end up feeling down. 626 more words


Perpetuating Reality: Time is not real

Two students in my Rhet. & Comp. class claimed on Friday that time does not exist. I’m writing this now, describing a memory as an idea, and if you’re reading this now, you’re constructing these words and sentences into your own abstract ideas. 1,150 more words


tuto scordiam

Listening to Neda and Canio (Pagliacci) yesterday, my heart welled at the short interwoven melody, tuto scordiam let nothing matter. I am haunted by the melody, it lingers. 142 more words


Signifying Shades

Everyone goes, eventually.
(and everything eventually goes.)
(No one can go on forever.)
We all seek permanency
We all hope to be remembered
to make a difference,
to love and be loved.

Poetry Chapbook


I abousulty love decorating rooms with new decor such as a picture frame or light fixture so today I will walk you through how to get the perfect room decor/makeover for a low price. 226 more words

If a tree falls in the woods...

Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit is definitely one of the harder pieces we have read so far. However, reading it aloud in my room alone has helped me understand the gist of his arguments of Here, Now, and I. 295 more words