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Life Never Makes Mistakes

Few things can wear on the physical and mental being more than stress and worry. They creep slyly into our heads, root themselves with clawed nails, and slowly start devouring our peace of mind. 192 more words


Vancouver entertainer Joey Hanlon, star of popular Lions' ad, dies

B.C. has lost one of its larger than life characters.

Joey Hanlon, a local entertainer who starred in very popular B.C. Lions promo TV ad, … 187 more words


People care lease in the dark

I saw a seagull killed today.
It is dark the street lights are shining down upon the road . Looking closer i realise there is a gull in the middle of the road i’ve seen this situation before so i chase it away well that was my intent it only went a few metres moved its head looking around almost deliberately staying on the road that was very strange. 326 more words


Amy to be released in July

Uk and Ireland release date has just been announced. July 3rd is the day Amy will premiere in british cinemas. Directed by Asif Kapadia, who won a BAFTA for his doc-movie on Formula One champion driver Ayrton Senna, Amy is going to explore the (brief) life of the musician telling things about her family and her relationship with the media, fame and addiction. 140 more words


forever in now

what made you so afraid

and what it wonders

and what it leaves

and how it speaks

and then it was  the reaction

and how it felt… 45 more words


Living to the Max

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is going on right now.  Being able to do that is a key skill for success.  It is how you tune in to your wisdom and intuition, how you listen and connect with other people, how you listen and connect with yourself.  10 more words


Learn Chinese Day #139 Colombia, UK, Russia

下星期要去德國出差了! I am going to Germany for business next week. I will miss my family and friends (including you!) from 美國 and across the globe.  152 more words