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live through now

felt the touch

and its own rise

and where it was the scared

and its own feeling of invincible

and those of the weight

and how it knew… 43 more words


Sharing the joy

Now, the cake maiden is not known for her interest in football, but…

Even I recognised the significance of the man stood outside the betting shop in Levenshulme this morning, holding a copy of the paper, sports page out, bearing the legend ‘Champions!’, and grinning and gesticulating wildly. 45 more words


It's Time for a Tune-Up

Your body is a vessel, it is your vehicle to navigate this world throughout this lifetime. Unlike an automotive vehicle, you don’t get a new one when you decide it depreciates beyond suitable operation. 828 more words


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It’s time for the next step, the one that I  really need to follow and not give up! WORKOUT!

Today I start with my personal trainer. 59 more words


wonder now

everything  was said about

and time on the front

and made through the lifting

and its own passion

and knew on the deal

and where it was the words… 44 more words