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Jean Paul Goude for Lacoste

Our dearest Jean Paul Goude teamed up with Lacoste and its creative manager Felipe Oliveira Baptista to redesign, or as he says “reinterpret”, the famous crocodile logo of the brand together with a capsule collection launching this November. 134 more words


Now: Everything is Shifting!!!

I have been awake for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I am sitting at my desk while my students are in Spanish, almost in tears, trying to find the words of gratitude for all that is happening right now. 546 more words


The Journey. 

Often times I would remember how I do get lost with the feeling of having no idea, whatsoever, on what to do with my life. It was like in one minute, I had this catalog of ideas bursting through, like waves after waves, they come crashing in on my feeble mind, and in the next minute, I am left empty, stranded, staring at my mirror, wondering what exactly my life was made for. 426 more words


시끄럽고 혼란스러운 그것

국제앰네스티 직원이 시위현장에 나타난 이유는?
그가 바라본 백남기 농민 사건과 한국의 시위문화


Living Already

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

 – Omar Khayyam –

Don’t miss it.

I know you dreamers, because I am one. This is what I’m saying to me today, and to you today.

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Now: Do We REALLY Have a Choice?

Everything is a choice. We may not see it in the moment or understand this because we are told that we do not have a choice, but we do. 581 more words



There is different kind of darkness, up there it is so dark that you can not see anything in front of you unless you have the moon to shine up the night, and it really does lighten up the night. 147 more words