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The Nucleus of Creation / A Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity: Awareness, Being and Now. Together they are the nucleus of creation. Not some human-like God, just the unadorned nuts and bolts of existence. 427 more words


Heart-Centered Consciousness

Our return to the higher dimensional realms, means we are also becoming more of who we are. As we return to more of who we are, we change our consciousness back to the heart-centered consciousness. 1,866 more words


Short Clarification of Special Relativity's Observer

It is important to distinguish between the different definitions of “now” that arise when studying special relativity:

  1. The “observer’s” past light cone.
  2. The “observer’s” orthogonal slice across the block.
  3. 99 more words

be PRESENT by being here NOW

Losing that Mind
When you let go of something steady and not have anything lined up, you may feel anxious, scared, and even LOST. These feelings still applies to those who have prepared themselves. 184 more words

Art &....

Recently I read something that triggered me.  It was an innocent enough description of a process of “art” making that involves following a kind of formula to create what they call: drawings that are “free from the anxiety of drawing” so you can embrace your inner artist, trust your instinct and let your creativity flow. 1,379 more words



Today was good, after a very long time I got a surprising answer. I feel a new sense of peace with this information and I want to share it with all of you. 171 more words