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Twenty-Thirteen? Be gone!- Now

I am not one to make resolutions at the New Year. I figure if a change is worth making at all, maybe it would be better to make that change while the reason is there fresh in your mind. 355 more words


On writing now vs. then- Now and Then

I remember from my school days, both high school and college, all of the time starting writing assignments, having to face that empty page. That empty page has so much promise; if I can only find the right words to fulfill that potential. 749 more words


A matter of life and breath...

This is life now. A thrown away mask, a windblown remnant of medical waste… perhaps contaminated, but probably not… lost or tossed by someone who may or may not have a job, left to be picked up by someone else, someone who has a job, but not a job that pays well, or will be recognized by the world at large for being as important as it is. 74 more words


Surprise ! (or not)- Now

I am not sure how the hat fits into my growing suspicion that there is a surprise party planned for my next birthday. Maybe it is just a classic use of misdirection on her part. 1,055 more words


Birthdays- Now

Most people who know me, even my friends, have no idea what day my birthday is. It is not like I have not told them before. 556 more words


You deserve

You deserve all you can desire. Hug youself and live out loud