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Back in the Day. Was it That Long Ago?

I remember when we (neighborhood kids) would say, ”Girl, that is bad.” We were talking about a record or clothes that sound or looked really nice. 97 more words

My Favorite Part of A Yoga Class

The other morning I presented my yoga class with a thought to consider – I love how, as yoga teachers, we have or think we have, that license. 999 more words


Knock, knock, are you there?

Where are you, right now in this moment? Are you in your body, or in your mind?
Are you aware of your breathing, the touch of fabric against your skin, the sounds, colors and scents around you?  370 more words



I think a lot about time. As most people do. The general populace of the world is very frequently worrying about time. The passage of it towards some end point they hope to accomplish a series of goals before it arrives. 738 more words

General Idea

~ You Are Perfection ~

You are the open blossom
Just kissed by the dew,
With eyes like stars
That light the way,
As beacons,
In the infinite depths,
Of reality… 95 more words

The Classics

The Classics. They are the books that the parents and grandparents of this generation grew up with. Books like Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and The Outsiders, among many others. 380 more words