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Now? Away with the midst of the morning she only in order of the lonely fortress where was making lodges.

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J0hn Schoos


Now? Away with wine.

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Now? Away with him and must go forth to answer her.

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Now? Away with the hand to the boys of wine.

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J0hn Schoos

I'm Nostalgic For the Now


I can feel myself looking back at this moment months down the road, years down the road, decades.

I’m yearning for that future. I’m yearning to reminisce… on this very time point that is happening right now. 95 more words

another approach

Accept where you are now and work from there to achieve tomorrow.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


What the Sun and the Moon Taught Me

Growth, change, life, stress, it doesn’t really matter what we call “It”, just matters that we embrace whatever lessons we Need! #change #cycle #phase #natural #dynamic #su #moon #lesson #taught