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All Is Destroyed
Devastated, broken, helpless
Words which describe what I’m
For what I wasn’t earlier
But now only feeling is this
And this only… 143 more words


Makeup rant part 2!

Now I had posted a comment yesterday evening on a video which is posted on how to contour like kim kardashian. The link is above, now I had some keyboard warrior comment back saying : 541 more words

Going Beyond Yes and No, Going Beyond Right and Wrong

In the last of ourĀ #noway seriesĀ Yvonne Spence offers a different take on the referendum.

In the run-up to the referendum and beyond, caring people on both sides looked at information on various issues and came to different conclusions. 1,310 more words


A No to Nationalism

As part of our #noway series by No voters, John Patrick Harvey on the tribal turn-off of nationalism.

Hi, I thought I might be able to contribute some thoughts to your excellent suggestion to hear from ‘No’ voters. 618 more words


Mibbes Aye Mibbes Naw - No Voters Reflect

A selection of shorter pieces in our #noway series.

Dave Cullen

First of all, I think it is an excellent thing you are doing by opening your pages to no contributors. 913 more words


Just say No #noway

By James Boatman

I am not a No voter as I live in England but I have followed the debate closely and would have voted No. 305 more words


Double Standards. No voters speak #noway

By Nigel Calvert

In response to your request from No voters about how we think and feel now.

A little brassed off with it all, if I’m being honest. 588 more words