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It's 4pm Tuesday, Do You Know Where Your Content Is?

location, location, location

Its 4pm on Tuesday, do you know where your content is? What’s your strategy for attracting the fashionable Millennial?

Your website. It’s your masterpiece. 530 more words

Social Skills - It’s Invisible (2015)

Director AJ Colomb’s portrait of a transgender sex worker in Pigneto, Rome for synth-pop three-piece Social Skills.


Music Video: Yannis - Crave

French electro-pop producer YANIS teams up with choreographer and MIA collaborator Cathy Ematchoua.


Alternatives to 'resting in awareness' - Rupert Spira and Eckhart Tolle

Alternatives to ‘resting in awareness’ – Rupert Spira and Eckhart Tolle

Rupert Spira in answer to a questioner says;

“To ‘take one’s stand as Awareness’ would perhaps be better phrased as ‘understand or see clearly that you are Awareness and be that knowingly.’” … 29 more words

Spiritual Development

Jackal - Carbomb (2015)

The new single from LA-based Trap producer Jackal gets the dystopian beach-tale treatment, courtesy of Chilean-American director Danilo Parra.