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One of my favourite sources of inspiration is Nowness. Their unique way of sharing and beautifully curated collection of stories that range from Art and Design, Culture, Food, Fashion make up a mesmerising web of delicious inspiration! 58 more words



No Path, No Journey, No Destination

We are here now.

So what obscures ‘now’? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of any substance. Emotions arise to protect the false idea of ‘me and mine’: pride, jealousy, desire, fear, hatred and ignorance obscure nowness. 206 more words

SCOTT KILOBY: Presence is Eating Potato Chips

Presence is Eating Potato Chips

Presence just means eating potato chips, walking your dog, sitting on the couch, shuffling papers at work, talking on the phone with a friend, listening to your favorite music, or driving down the road thinking. 174 more words

Spiritual Development

My First Apartamento

My First Apartamento is a collaboration between Apartamento Magazine and Nowness. This series contains 6 videos up till now. Above the last one in which “Director Barbara Anastacio captures 19-year-old writer and editor… 12 more words