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The Gap between Two Thoughts

“Your thoughts are made of electric impulses.  As an idea is about to manifest, electricity in the brain travels down the length of a nerve until it reaches a synapse.   123 more words


No Preferred Perfection

All reality is perfect and if I accept this fully, then I have no preferred perfection, no hoping, no longing for someplace else other than the present moment. 345 more words


less than four minutes

When I first saw this video, my first thought was I must share this with my young nieces and nephews. From dancer Lil Buck’s words about his life journey, his grace amidst the works of Matisse and other masters, and the lovely soundtrack, this short video is a gentle respite. I hope you enjoy.


Take the leap and believe in magic

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it – Roald Dahl


Falling out and learning how not to

Yoga is about gentle balance. A yoga pose is about using body weight and strength to oxygenate. The only way to improve is to gently push the body beyond its comfort level as technique improves. 58 more words


Make the call

Think about an old friend. Someone you’ve known for most of your life. Commit to speaking to them today or writing them a note.

The day you forget where you came from, you won’t belong where you are.

Family And Friends

In Nowness

in nowness,

stars twinkle, flowers bloom

and my heart glows