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Spurge laurel spotted in Maury Island forest

Have you ever noticed a shrubby evergreen that  looks like a cross between a leggy rhododendron and a laurel, but isn’t either one?  It might be… 181 more words

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Wild Chervil – April 2016 Weed of the Month

Wild chervil sounds like an exotic salad herb, but is in fact a Class B noxious weed in Washington, regulated in many counties including King County, due to its nasty habit of being invasive and taking over fields and pastures. 1,087 more words

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Identification tips for a few noxious weeds emerging in early April

King County noxious weed specialists are seeing all sorts of species showing up this month. Here are some recent finds.

Goatsue regrowth emerging in March. Photo by Alexis Kleinbeck. 493 more words

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Native Plants

Native, non-invasive vegetation is an integral part of a healthy ecosystem. Native plants are an important component of the energy flow and nutrient cycle present in an ecosystem and provide animal species with food, water, and shelter. 666 more words

Don’t eat this plant: poison-hemlock looks edible but is deadly

If you or someone you know forages for wild plants, please watch out for poison-hemlock. It is in the same family as carrots and parsley and many other edible plants, but can be fatal when eaten. 837 more words

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