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City of Boulder Invites You To A Meet and Bleat - Come meet these hard working goats today!

Come meet the hard working goats of Boulder! The City of Boulder will host a “meet and bleat” on today with 24 goats — including Bubbles, Coco Puff, Oodles, Hanz and Princess — that help tackle noxious weeds on city properties.  24 more words


Prostrate Spurge

I have always called this plant “spurge”.  An annual native,  spurge is found in open and disturbed areas throughout all of the United States and much of Canada. 435 more words


Invasive and Noxious Plants in Washington State

As a gardener, I consider myself a steward of the environment, and with that comes the responsibility of choosing plants for my home landscape that are not invasive or noxious. 401 more words

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Watch for buffalobur popping up in late summer

Buffalobur makes an occasional appearance in King County this time of year.  It comes up in late summer when many other plants have already gone to seed or dried up in the heat. 283 more words

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Meadow Goldenrod

Meadow goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) grows from long creeping rhizomes, often carpeting meadows and other open spaces with yellow in the late summer and autumn. 403 more words