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A native of Europe, foxglove (Digitalis pururea) was introduced into North America for ornamental and medicinal purposes. Since being introduced, foxglove has naturalized throughout the western and eastern portions of the continent, but not the central areas. 484 more words


What do I do with all those weeds I pulled?

Some weeds just won’t die, even after they are uprooted. Tossing them on a brush pile might actually give them a second chance at life. … 846 more words

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Invasive Knotweed - October 2016 Weed of the Month

When people ask for the worst noxious weed in King County, invasive knotweed is on the top of the list. It has so many of the qualities that make invasive plants troublesome. 1,048 more words

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City of Boulder Invites You To A Meet and Bleat - Come meet these hard working goats today!

Come meet the hard working goats of Boulder! The City of Boulder will host a “meet and bleat” on today with 24 goats — including Bubbles, Coco Puff, Oodles, Hanz and Princess — that help tackle noxious weeds on city properties.  24 more words


Prostrate Spurge

I have always called this plant “spurge”.  An annual native,  spurge is found in open and disturbed areas throughout all of the United States and much of Canada. 435 more words


Watch for buffalobur popping up in late summer

Buffalobur makes an occasional appearance in King County this time of year.  It comes up in late summer when many other plants have already gone to seed or dried up in the heat. 283 more words

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