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Don't grow there, girlfriend! Watch for these noxious weeds

Living in a Zone 3b creates myriad challenges for we garden nuts. With a very short growing season, chinooks, hail, and the winds that seem to come up from nowhere, gardeners can be forgiven for embracing anything that grows well. 630 more words

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The Lowly, Regal Dandelion.

So what is it, again, that we have against dandelions? Because it doesn’t really make sense to not like them, in my opinion.

I mean, they are really cute, they’ll grow anywhere with no additional water other than what they get in nature. 641 more words

The View From Here

The Worst of the Creepy Crawly Things

I have never spent much time thinking about snakes and bugs, since I was a kid.   My grandma had garter snakes at her house growing up and she never seemed much phased by them, though as small child I was not so sure.   783 more words

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Let's Expand the Notion of "What is Life"

That is alive, I think that’s easy to agree on. We call it a sedum, drawn up out of soil by the sun. This, too. 454 more words

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The black box

Back in about 1960 I investigated the idea of learning to fly, because my father had decided that I should become a doctor and a missionary and fly into darkest Africa and do good for all man kind. 598 more words

Noxious weeds – we don’t want ‘em

We’re being invaded! By noxious weeds and invasive plants, that is. Each year, landowners and public agencies in Washington state spend millions of dollars to control or eradicate these invaders, which can seriously damage our native species and ecosystems. 304 more words

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Finding Someone New!

Sometimes finding new things is bad, like discovering that the morning-glory so loved by your neighbor, that has been killing all of your plants, has now begun to travel into parts of your garden it had not been seen prior. 259 more words