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5 new singles from ramiel with a new look!

ramiel will release a one-coin single every month from September to January (5 singles). They also have a beautiful new look, so please check it out! 92 more words


"Eternal ties" by Villers la ville (free single, audio sample)

Villers la ville has a free distribution of their single “Eternal ties” on their upcoming gigs. You can listen to a sample of it in the video below: 51 more words


Competition - Be the First to Try Nozomi's New Friday Brunch

The Friday brunch market in Doha is VERY crowded.

Any new entrant really needs to set itself apart and offer something innovative to get and keep people interested. 355 more words


ramiel's new group photo!

ramiel (ラミエル)

Formed: September 30th 2016

Vocal: hiziri (聖)

May 16th
Guitar: nozomi (希)

Feb 8th
Bass: tsukasa (司)

Oct 16th
Drums: 29 more words

2016 Cosplay

I know it’s late but meh, I was busy planning for my incoming online shop.

Anyway, I promised that I will cosplay Nozomi so here are my pics~~ 103 more words


Of Riding Trains

My brother and I traveled to Japan last spring and it gave us the opportunity to check off various items in our respective bucketlists. This includes riding a shinkansen (bullet train). 1,188 more words


Keijo: Episode 2

Boobs and butts aside, this episode is about teamwork. 332 more words