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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 12): Saddest Anime Scene

This scene is certainly one of the hardest to watch.  In the sci-fi/horror anime Elfen Lied, the main protagonist, Lucy, befriends a puppy.  She has always been isolated and severely bullied and so the advent of a puppy in her life is a great source of comfort. 254 more words


"Innocence" by ramiel (single details + NEW LOOK)

ramiel will release their new single “Innocence” on October 4th and has a new look!

Single: Innocence
Release date: October 4th 2017

1. Innocence… 53 more words


"May cry out" by Villers la ville (single details + "Eternal ties" FULL SONG)

Villers la ville released their 2nd single “May cry out” on September 21st. They have also published the full version of their song “Eternal ties… 73 more words


What's going on with Mitama Manami? Centaur's Life episode 06 review

It’s our 6th episode of A Centaur’s Life and we have more backstory into the lives of this anime’s denizens and world.

Part one is called “Is Being Able to Retrace One’s Past and Ancestors A Reason to Be Happy or Unhappy?” and focuses on the ancestry of Himeno via a discussion of her hair. 903 more words


"Aikagi" by ramiel (FULL PV)

ramiel will release their one-coin single “Aikagi” (アイカギ) on September 6th and here is the full PV!
See all posts about the single here!

ramiel (ラミエル) 44 more words


"Eternal ties" by Villers la ville (free single, audio sample)

Villers la ville has a free distribution of their single “Eternal ties” on their upcoming gigs. You can listen to a sample of it in the video below: 51 more words


Competition - Be the First to Try Nozomi's New Friday Brunch

The Friday brunch market in Doha is VERY crowded.

Any new entrant really needs to set itself apart and offer something innovative to get and keep people interested. 355 more words