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Things you didn't know you didn't know...

Here’s a fun fact:

Have you ever noticed that at 21:11 on episode 8 of the second season of Love Live! School Idol Project, Maki Nishikino and Nozomi Toujou swap colour palettes?


Ohayou, Kyoto!

One of the things I’m excited to do in Japan is to experience riding the shinkansen or also known as the bullet train. Travelling from Tokyo going to Kyoto was a chance to ride the shinkansen. 379 more words


Breakfast in Bed, An EliNozo Fanfic

Breakfast in Bed

The faint light of the morning sun peers through a large bedroom window somewhere in the suburbs of Akihabara, it’s gentle glow enveloping the white-washed walls. 1,070 more words

Love Live

[Love Live Spoilers] Sound Direction in Love Live (Pt. 2)

So, I’ve talked at length about this topic and how much I appreciate it, and I had thought about turning it into a multi-part write-up. I’ve finally decided to do it, so I’ll re-iterate the way I started my last one: 2,165 more words

Love Live

[Love Live Spoilers] Nozomi, the Most Important Character in Love Live

This is a topic I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for a while, but watching through Season 1 again and seeing it all over again has made me come to realize something, especially with the conclusion of Episode 10, which I just finished a few minutes prior. 1,891 more words

Love Live

[Love Live Spoilers] Eli and Episode 8: A Brilliantly Structured Episode for a Brilliantly Structured Character

I wasn’t planning on this originally, but I just got finished with my rewatch of Episode 8 of the first season of Love Live and I felt the need to put some of my thoughts out there, about both Eli as a character and Episode 8. 1,784 more words

Love Live

Jin Jin Jingle Bell

“Jin Jin Jingle Bell,” by fashion model, actress, and J-Pop star Nozomi Sasaki. Perhaps Pentaphonic is the rapper on this track. This is a cover of a 1995 song by… 57 more words