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Job Search & Networking

This week I attended a national conference for nurse practitioners (NCNP 2017).  The original intent was to learn the newest guidelines on common ailments I encounter in primary care practice. 400 more words

Strava Ride Statistics

If you ride with a power meter and a heart rate monitor, Strava’s premium subscription will display a number of summary statistics about your ride. These differ from the numbers provided by other software, such as Training Peaks. 1,239 more words

Those who are supposed to care

Sometimes we as health care practitioners (HCPs)are the ones who are ill or injured.  When that occurs, we generally believe the other HCPs around us, and particularly, those whom we work so hard for, will treat us with caring respect. 400 more words

Learning the Elements one step at a time

The Elements I’m starting out with are common ones, that you may see on tests. This could vary, given all chemistry professors are different. 

Na – Sodium… 147 more words


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Need some tunes to get you pumped and ready for the day ahead? Why not try a little something from Electric Light Orchestra.

Nightcap and April Snow


music by WEE “You Can Fly on My Aeroplane”




今夜はNYから25年来の友人Mattがやってきており、夕方も早いうちからバーボンのボトルを左手に書棚を物色していると思ったら、懐かしいWEEのアルバム”You Can Fly on My Aeroplane”を選んでプレイヤーに滑り込ませた。



もう随分と昔の話だ。私の記憶が正しければ、Astor PlaceからLafayetteを少し下った辺りだったか、小さなレコードショップがあって、知り合ったばかりの夫とデートの途中で立ち寄り、二人でこのアルバムを買ったのだった。

ああそう言えば、店から出ると道の向こう側にストレッチが止まり、奥の扉からスーパーロングのドレッドがダースベイダーのマントにも見えた巨大(は私の見た目であるが)な男が出てきた。周囲を歩く人たちは皆驚いて呆然と立ち尽くすほどの威圧感であったのだが、俯き加減の笑顔は穏やかで瞳がとても美しかったのを覚えている。Maxi Priestだった。 18 more words


South Texas - Internal Medicine - PA/NP

Internal medicine group in South Texas looking to hire a full-time physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP):

  • Schedule: Monday-Friday, daytime hours
  • No weekends, no call, no nights…
  • 39 more words
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