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Florence Ravenwood, Vampire of Lust

Florence was born some time in the late 60’s, though he won’t say which century. He grew up reading Anne Rice novels and speculating about what went on at that not-so-discrete as they imagined club across the way. 222 more words

In Nomine

When Mammoths Fly

Without a doubt many of us have experienced seeing creatures high in the sky around Skyrim. Whether you are leaving one of your homes, traveling the open plains or not expecting the unexpected, these strange occurrences can randomly be found. 53 more words

Everything Posted

(I statted up a Necromancer antagonist for my current adventure, but don’t think I’ll end up using him. So I’m posting Ivgah here instead, showcasing my…

220 more words

[Tutorial] Introduction to RPG Maker VX Ace

So, you just got a shiny new copy of RPG Maker VX Ace. You fired it up, opened a new project, looked at the page and thought “Wow, I have no idea what I’m looking at”. 1,270 more words


​Tsi Shiori, spokesperson for Bei

While the Oriole Clan is renowned throughout the Emerald Empire for their blacksmiths few realise their talents extend beyond the forge. Tsi Shiori is one such individual who eschews the stereotypes of the Clan and has become widely respected for her dreamlike watercolours and haunting poetry. 361 more words


GM's Toolbox - Tarot Cards Can Give NPCs Depth

The one-year anniversary (originally published 20 Jan 2016) of this post looms just ahead and this topic is still relevant. We all need inspiration and the tarot is a great tool for all gamemasters and writers to have in their toolbox. 1,059 more words