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Bro Diet Or IIFYM (Part 1): Team Bro, Dude!

What’s up fitfam?!?

Today I wanted to share my own personal experience with a bikini prep meal plan that the world of bodybuilding dubs the “bro diet”. 839 more words


This prep for me was hard

Let me clarify because I know some people will read this and think….”umm I saw you eating pizza and BBQ 2 weeks before your show”. When I say it was hard I don’t mean the food part per say I just mean it was more difficult for me than my last show prep. 1,311 more words


Cookie Batter Healthy Breakfast!

Think delicious cookie dough and a healthy, balanced breakfast don’t mix? Try my quick and easy recipe below for a breakfast or snack to curb your sweet tooth AND your pant size! 150 more words


Roleplaying NPC Mannerisms Part II - How to Portray Seducers, Ancient Evils, Law Enforcement, and Genius NPCs

WORLD BUILDER BLOG IS NOMINATED FOR AN ENNIE AWARD! You can vote for it right now along with a bunch of other awesome RPG products. The booth closes on TODAY so go vote right now. 1,800 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

My Daily Supplements - Gaspari Products - Marie Blanchard

Hi Guys,

I’ve been asked what I use during my competition prep as well as for maintenance throughout the year! There you go, below is the list of everything I use from fat burners to speeding up recovery.   72 more words

Sinetway the Pitmaster, Impudite of Fire

Once upon a time Sinetway was one of Gabriel’s Mercurians, doing his part to help self-destructive humans get their shit together. He honestly thought it was his calling and maybe it even was, but it’s hard for him to imagine now. 102 more words

In Nomine