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Nast Garav stood on a tall branch of an oak looking for signs of movement or any trace of the wolf he was tracking. Being a half elf let him see in the dark better than most creatures in the forest. 1,048 more words


Go Shawty, it's your ... wedding day?

Happy Sunday! Like I said in Wednesday’s post. THIS WEEK IS NUTS! I love being busy though because I feel way more focused and have to actually plan out my days instead of just ‘going with the flow’. 1,151 more words


Sredni Vashtar – The Littlest God

According to the Ethereal Player’s guide, the minimum number of Forces required to attain a godhead is 9. This is a good rule of thumb for player characters – but for NPCs a bit more latitude might be acceptable if all other requirements of godhood are met. 135 more words

In Nomine

Through a Cat's Eyes - 7.3

Autumn Harvest, Pickers’s Day 18, Year of the Lion number 427; August 26, 1738 Agathon

We’re still a few days away from Casozali, but we’ve been doing shows almost every night since my last journal entry. 386 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Through a Cat's Eyes - 7.2

Autumn Harvest, Pickers’s Day 1, Year of the Lion number 427; August 9, 1738 Agathon

If nothing else, we made good time. The roads along the coast are hard packed, and in some places, paved with large, flat stones. 438 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Being A POC in IFC

Hello Readers,

During my collegiate experience, I knew I wanted to be part of something that was much more than myself. As a college student, one of the best ways to do this is to join a Greek affiliated organization. 524 more words

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