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Leg Day Snippet - Quad Focus


Being a physique competitor, I never focused on legs like I should have. On the NPC stage the only thing they judge from the waist down is your calves. 87 more words

Ajx Aesthetics

REVIEW: Animal Crossing Amiibo

Since September 2015 (at least in North America), Amiibo figures and the all-new Amiibo cards have been produced for the Animal Crossing series. Hundreds of variations have been produced for many different villagers, making this product line similar to Pokémon. 290 more words


Bjorn, General Store Owner

Bjorn, male human Adp1: CR 1; Size M (5 ft., 10 in. tall);
HD 1d6+1; hp 7; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 13; Attack -3 melee, 93 more words


Valac, Raider of Heaven

You think the Servitors of Kronos are precise? Let me tell you, you know nothing about precision. Name me one servitor of Kronos who could snowboard off a cliff drop into a transitory tether to Wind, ride it into heaven, ollie into a dead run for Jordi’s svelt, bag a Fayyum sandgrouse, hop back on their board and jib back into the corporeal all in the eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds they’ve got before the locals trip to the fact that they’re no angel. 116 more words

In Nomine

Taxidermy Monsters for the World of Darkness

MET (Laws of the Night Revised etc) stats for six taxidermy creatures to use as creepy antagonists in a World of Darkness chronicle.



China unseats 45 national lawmakers for fraud

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

BEIJING: China’s Communist-controlled legislature on Tuesday (Sep 13) unseated 45 deputies from the northeastern province of Liaoning for involvement in electoral fraud, the official Xinhua news agency said, in an “unprecedented” case. 210 more words

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