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By-Names for Dwarfs & the Dwarfs of Finvale

It is a new week, and thereby it was time for another release. I proudly present to you By-Names for Dwarfs. And as nobody reads my blog posts for my shameless house-advertising, I will take 20 example by-names and turn them into… 1,800 more words


Sleeping Tree Camp

Sleeping Tree Camp is another giant dwelling along with their mammoths found in the Whiterun plains just slightly west of the Western Watchtower. There is a cave located in this camp that has a quest involving Ysolda from Whiterun. 259 more words

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When Deers Fly

We mentioned before about the flying mammoths and stated one maiden found a deer high in the sky upon leaving Heljarchen Hall. As luck would have it or as Skyrim being true to its game bugs this flying deer appeared again. 91 more words

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NPC Overwhelmed by Volume of Fetch Quest Items

Azeroth – Local NPC quest giver Nargol “The Pelt King” Glavo, is absolutely overwhelmed with the recent volume of fetch quest items adventurers have been delivering him. 251 more words

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What Kind of NPC Are You?

So the best part of playing a video game is being the hero and saving the world, right? Have you ever given much thought to all of those non-playable characters that help you out, like the innkeeper or the shop owner? 443 more words

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Terraria Mansion, Phase 1 Complete!

Phase 1 of the Mansion is done, for all intents and purposes, so I thought I’d share a little update to show in more detail what I’ve built and to talk about a couple of improvements I’ve made since I posted about this last. 742 more words


The constable

Rule in Albion is devolved to local authorities.  Essentially, whoever owns the nearest manor house/ fortress/ folly is responsible for the security of the surrounding area (and those who live there). 276 more words