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Parek, The Knight Philosopher

It’s a funny thing. Everyone seems to think that the conflict between Heaven and Hell is about winning the war – but it’s not. It’s about perpetuating it. 251 more words

In Nomine

Jam us Hainard

NPC from theGM.org

Art by Scebiqu

The effective leader of the local Church of Erastil in Harse. He may not be the liturgical priest per se, but he generally manages that location.


“Connie” Contradith, The Rebel's Guardian

Contradith has one of the most challenging (and therefore most sought after) jobs for a Cherub in Janus’ hierarchy. She’s responsible for guarding revolutionary figures who already advance her Archangel’s Word and objectives. 240 more words

In Nomine

What if Videogames are Hell?

While wandering through the internet recently, I discovered a Youtube series called Epic NPC Man. In this series, the main character is an NPC (Non-Player Character) and we are seeing things that are normal in a fantasy videogame, but from a different perspective. 544 more words


Arazil, Unpredictable Boatsman

Headed downriver one morning outside Harse, he came upon five unsuspecting heroes who needed to cross the river.

Pirate captain. Runs a crew of three smugglers.