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Brynjolf - Thief of Hearts

Oh, how rich we all would be with every septim made each time this man won over another lady with his smooth talking. The latest poll found that this is probably due to his offers of making love like a sabre cat. 133 more words

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Vilja and Bolund

Vilja is a thorn in OBIS Agent Lurren Genadyrose’s side in Skyrim and the Bandit Hunt. So when the group arrived in Falkreath and our agent discovered Bolund, Vilja was right there chatting away to the fearless leader. 27 more words

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SHORT STORY: 'You discover you're just an NPC in a game with extremely advanced AI. You encounter the main character.'

As usual, I was stuck on the graveyard shift. I’d never forgive Bob, my manager, for putting me on the two til six shift on a Saturday night, but I suppose if he hadn’t I never would have seen her. 400 more words


Bikini Competition through an Eating Disorder Victim’s Perspective

It sounds pretty ironic right?

“Let the girl with disordered eating habits, low self-esteem, and 10 year history of yo-yo dieting compete in a bikini competition” 1,081 more words


VtM: Court of Mithras NPCs -Mönkhbat the Fierce

NPC for a Court of Mithras hosted in a camp outside Acre in 1272.

Mönkhbat the Fierce
Sire: Dobrul the Brave
Date of embrace: 618 AD… 367 more words


[DH2nd] Backgrounds for other Acolytes

The following is the second part of the article found .


Milli Bethwitt has a handsome round face with big brown eyes but a little too much weight and waist for many men´s taste. 866 more words

DH 2nd

The Reality of Bikini Competitor Prep

The Reality of Bikini Competitor Prep

Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to the person you become. Angelina Jolie… 1,697 more words