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Lia ag Caint, Banshee of House McKinley

While Lia is not so powerful a banshee as Aibell, acting as harbinger to a murdered president has given her a connection to the new world and a measure of durability that equaled only by the banshee serving the royal lines of the… 379 more words

In Nomine

19th Party Congress

The Party and the People
This week, the Communist Party of China (“CPC”) will convene its 19th Party Congress. It is the assembly of Party representatives held every five years to choose its leaders. 984 more words

Global Elite

NPC Character’s That We Love And Hate 

Hey, Boys and Girls thought I would write a General Discussion blog on NPC Characters and the ones we love and hate.

So for those who don’t know what NPC stands for. 746 more words


Character Concept: Yarrow Windfall

Again the art is not of my creation, the creator of this art piece is kawacy. While it is fan art of a mmorpg game I have never played, the way that kawacy drew this character made me really want to create an overtly dramatic bard, especially since no one in my group has ever run a bard in my game, and the fact that I am very into Xanathar’s Guide to Everything releasing the official Bardic College of Glamour. 511 more words


Through a Cat's Eyes - 12.2

Winter Sleeping, Packer’s Day 16, Year of the Lion number 427; December 24, 1738 Agathon; Linne 181

Has it really been two weeks since my last journal entry? 1,033 more words


Character Concept: Bristlema the Halfling Barbarian

To start off the art is not of my creation, it was made by a fella named Foreling on Deviantart. Its cute design of a fierce looking shorter girl in scantily clad armor made my mind start wandering on how she would fit in the world that I have created alongside my friends. 850 more words


Want Success? Join a Sorority!

I may be a little biased… But I think all women, if able, should join a sorority.

Of course I love the social aspect, but that is not even close to what a sorority is all about. 366 more words