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Avoid NullPointerException: Safe Navigation with Groovy

We know it’s all too common in Java to get a NullPointerException when we use an object reference which is null. This happens when our code tries to access a method or field of an object, or element of an array when there’s no instance present – e.g. 228 more words


Middleton, Middlemiss, and Watts

I am researching the surnames Middleton, Middlemiss, and Watts.  My 5th Great Grandfather is Jacob Watts and we have identified through dna that he isn’t a Watts. 188 more words


Patents - worth it?


A good illustration of their value to a business, and hence to investors, is Facebook.  Pre-IPO, Facebook ‘only’ had 56 granted patents.  It had many more applications, but there’s no guarantee an application will lead to a granted patent.   608 more words


Röng Háttr

A few days ago over on https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/ there was a post, Tiny idea for improving the NPE, which opened a discussion about having some ship fittings and possibly some sort of description for the reasoning behind the fit in the Corp Fittings Tab of the NPC Corporations to give new players some examples of how to fit a ship for a specific purpose. 612 more words

EVE Online

The BEST Code Possible!

“The BEST Code Possible”? How can we obtain this? Is this achievable in the archaic environments big corporations use everyday?

Now think about this for a minute, if you have an idea and in order for your idea to come to life, you need to make an investment. 908 more words

Guava null checkers

A short demo introducing methods of handling null objects, null checks and null comparisons in guava. These guava methods will reduce the amount of ifs, NPEs and try-catch blocks. 123 more words


You did it! Toxic chemical banned in EU textile imports

By Yixiu Wu

A huge victory for Detox supporters came out of Europe this week as all EU member states voted to ban the toxic chemical NPE from textile imports. 412 more words