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I was gathering all the information I could on Ancestry.com for matches to my new 2nd cousin, Bill.  With him being that close to me and seeing that Lee did not match me correctly with Bill being a 2nd cousin I had to figure out what was going on.   571 more words


Don't give up hope Judy!!!

When you are looking for a biological parent and you aren’t sure who they are, it is very frustrating. I had gone from being secure in my parentage – screwed up as they may have been – to wondering who the heck I was. 510 more words


After Thanksgiving I figured I would be overwhelmed with welcomes from my new found probable family, instead I was ignored. Ok, I’m thinking they need time to process, so I waited a few days before I emailed Lee again and asked him if he would agree to the DNA test. 427 more words


So, my thought to be honest and above-board with my possible 1/2 brother Lee just sort of crashed and burned.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was feeling pretty feisty and thinking that since I was giving thanks for finding my possible biological father that Lee might feel the love and all that jazz. 359 more words


Residential land for Sale at Old Klang Road

We have a nice looking flat piece of land available for sale at Jalan 18/16B which is located at the 6th mile of Old Klang Road… 47 more words


New Study Exposes The Growing Problem Of Patent Aggregators And Aggregators’ Negative Impact On Innovation In The US

So-called patent trolls sue firms regardless of actual patent infringement

Research to be published in Science on April 29, 2016 shows how cash-hungry patent trolls are squelching innovation when the American economy depends on it more than ever. 593 more words

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