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Installing Node.js and npm on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Finally got free from studies (semester ended) and now I am free to explore whatever I want in this vacation. Today I decided to start an adventure and explore… 406 more words


How to publish packages to npm registry

Today I just published my first package hlsdownloader to npm. It is pretty easy to publish a package to npm


I assume that you have… 240 more words


PHP Dumper using Websockets

Another crazy idea. I want to dump my backend output in the browser’s console. There’re several PHP dumpers. For example Raul Fraile’s LadyBug. There’re also libraries to do exactly what I want to do, such as… 768 more words


Using npm behind proxy

You can set proxy for npm using “set config” command.
for example:

npm config set proxy http://user:passwd@proxy.company.com:3223
npm config set https-proxy http://user:passwd@proxy.company.com:3223

Notice the oddity, it is https-proxy and not http_proxy as you would have expected. 114 more words

Ubuntu Behind Proxy

Automated tools for bettering your Rails code

I’ve been working on a greenfield Rails project in my spare time. It’s been interesting to work on a project from scratch again; one of the advantages to this is that it allows me to try new tools and keep up-to-date with cutting edge stuff. 910 more words


A lot of Ways to start a Webserver in your Current directory

Lately I searched for a way to open a web server, mainly for static content, from the current directory under Linux. In the java world, I am used to do this with maven or gradle, starting an embedded jetty, tomcat or similar. 410 more words


Rhymes with Rubes

April is National Poetry Month, and I am touched to be the one reintroducing this lost art form to the masses. This includes people like you and me! 787 more words