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Infrastructure from scratch. Part 8. Continuous Integration.

The more we grow up the more routine we have. For example, servers park includes more identical instances. The same thing matters build/release/deploy lifecycle. The more we work, the more business wants. 1,096 more words

System Architecture

ASP.NET Core: Access node_modules folder inside ASP.NET Core Project

We are not supposed to access files from outside of wwwroot. The wwwroot folder is the public folder that’s accessible from outside, when you host it. 137 more words


NodeJs: Update NPM version on Windows

If you want to update local NPM package on windows machine, either Download and run the latest MSI. The MSI will update your installed node and npm. 99 more words


Meteor Hang-up: Extracting Package....

In the world of Node.js and NPM, things can change at an increasingly rapid pace. This causes pain when starting or upgrading projects that require NPM packages. 507 more words


NPM shrinkwrap

NPM dependencies are not locked down by default. Even if you add top level dependencies with fixed version numbers in package.json, there is no guarantee that you will get the exact same code because the sub dependencies are not locked down. 191 more words


How recoverable is an APK source code made with Titanium ?

Last Friday I had a meeting with a posible client, who had made an app with a freelance developer using Appcelerator Titanium. Now he wished to make upgrades to the app, but he realized he didn’t have the source code for it and the original developer was nowhere to be found. 519 more words

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Angular Weekly 2017-02-01

Package of the week
Angular l10nRoberto Simonetti
Angular Localization – An Angular library to translate messages, dates and numbers

The nice thing about this library is that it has great documentation, good support, works and is tested in different Angular systems. 285 more words