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Create private NPM package using Bitbucket

I wanted to install a custom private package using package.json and npm.

In the end it was quiet simple:

  1. Create your bitbucket repo
  2. Checkin the appropriate code…
  3. 74 more words

My favourite terminal, HYPER!

A terminal is something that most people hesitate to use.People generally don’t like going to the command line.Some people are even ignorant about the line user interface.Now, as a computer science student, I’m obviously not ignorant about the command line and i have no problem using it often. 162 more words


Node.js and npm on Fedora 26 Workstation

Starting from Fedora 24, npm is a part of Node.js package and does not need to be installed separately. Therefore, to install both npm and Node.js, you need to run: 170 more words


NodeJS in Visual Studio 2017

Hi friends, it has been a while since my last post. But I am back with a small introduction of NodeJS for VS 2017.

A lot of .Net developers (me included) we don’t want to give up using VS for other non .Net type of projects. 392 more words


Angular CLI – Part II: Generating Components, Directives, Pipes and Services

This is the part II of the Angular CLI tutorial. By now you should have an Angular project created using cli, running at localhost:4200. Click here… 324 more words


Stream2 module in NodeJS

The streams can be readable, writable or both. For example, HTTP request is a readable stream whereas HTTP response is a writable stream.

All Streams in NodeJs are EventEmitter. 138 more words


Angular CLI - Part I: Installing and creating a new project

Install Angular CLI globally using npm

npm install -g @angular/cli

Explanation: This command will install the angular cli package globally. After succesful install, command ‘ng’ should be available to use. 374 more words