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Node.js, my new crush

I’m really loving all this hype around JavaScript and Node.js.

One reason is that it is spreading the idea of FOSS. Because the great thing about JS is that it can be distributed in only one form: source. 71 more words

Libre Software

Node.js Modules - Part 4

In my previous post, we saw the 3 different types of modules in the Node Ecosystem, namely – file-based, folder-based and core – and then worked with them. 1,447 more words

Content Management Systems for Node.js

Here we found some cms that based on nodejs,express and mongodb or redis.

1. KeystoneJS 

2. Ghost

3. Calipso

4. TaracotJS

5. Apostrophe

there are more but,anyone can start one of this…

Web Technology

Water Cooler Web Dev Talk #15

This week is a mixture of a little bit of everything from developer tools, new frameworks, interesting editorials, and more. I try to stay on course with the information that I have found interesting, but there are times during the podcast that I get off course simply because there were interesting parts of the talk that I also found myself thinking about when I originally found this content. 104 more words


Meta-Programming in JavaScript part IX

The big break-up. Most projects go through it eventually. As things grow organically, the desire for more modularity and more autonomy between components grows. The overriding desire for breaking up this project is to reduce dependencies, especially so we can get as much code as possible running in the front-end which is unable to deal with Node specific dependencies. 931 more words


Meta-Programming in JavaScript Part VIII

This post will cover a mix of different aspects of creating a framework. The biggest, however, is refactoring. In addition, I will cover versioning in NPM, and creating a project site on GitHub. 1,857 more words


Node.js Modules - Part 3

In this post, we’ll explore the 3 main types of modules in Node.js, and how we can work with each of them –

  1. File-Based Modules…
  2. 1,172 more words