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Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Javascript saat ini sangat berkembang pesat dikalangan masyarakat, khususnya developer yang berbasis web. Apa aja sih yang perlu dipelajari dari Node Js?? Kira – Kira gunanya buat apa?? 332 more words

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Just published Node.js NPM module [short-url-generator]

Primary use of the module is to create traceable short URLs resolving to long and rich landing pages. It does not implement any persistence, just decomposes the original long URL and creates the short representation of it. 43 more words


Solving a failed npm install on the Raspberry Pi

TL;DR If you are struggling with npm install failing on a package you are convinced is no longer a dependency of your current package.json structure. Try clearing out your node_modules folder or take a look at the… 747 more words


I Hated JavaScript

I Hated JavaScript

Up to a week ago, I hated JavaScript. Working through multiple revisions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… had made me realize that it was best to leave client side development to those that thrived on it. 1,126 more words


Mix TomEE embedded and Angular 2 with Maven

Since months a typical web application is a JAX-RS for the server-side and a javascript on the client-side.

This powerful architecture can sometimes reveal some challenges in the build pipeline. 2,485 more words


Setting up json-server to serve json data for Angular app

The json-server is a simple server to serve json data for playing with Angular app in development. If you are learning AngularJS and want to play with json data you can use this json-server to serve static content for you!! 119 more words

Web Development

Setting up a Windows environment to create ASP.NET 5 applications using Visual Studio Code

If you use Windows and have an interest in developing an ASP.NET 5 application, then you have a few options.  You could use a feature-rich IDE like Visual Studio or you could use a simple text editor like Notepad.  685 more words