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Модули в Node JS

Node JS Modules

В Node JS всеки един файл е един Node JS Modul и всяка променлива е достъпна само там вътре, освен ако Експлицитно ние искаме да я изкараме Извън Модула (глобален scope). 201 more words

Секул Камберов

Install NodeJS & npm on CentOS 7

Step 1: Installing Dependencies

(Note: I did this tutorial on a fresh install of CentOS-7-Minimal)

Start by installing these dependencies that will be necessary to complete this tutorial. 255 more words


Using Grunt with Visual Studio Solution


The aim is to use Grunt to automate various tasks for a Visual Studio solution.

  1. Watch for changes to files.
  2. Build SQL Project and publish SQL Project to a database.
  3. 434 more words

npm::install npm without installing node

Is it possible to install npm with installing node?

The answer is yes – https://docs.npmjs.com/getting-started/installing-node.

Eventhough npm is written in node and requires node to run, as a developer, we would want to have test our application using multiple npm version. 30 more words


Starting node.js and npm but at first

I have started on learning front end technologies as HTML5, CSS3, and JS.

I have learned them well, so I have started to utilize them on my private project. 289 more words


npx::npm package runner

Executes <command> either from a local node_modules/.bin, or from a central cache, installing any packages needed in order for <command> to run.




NPM  package manager for javascript.It is the default package manager for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js.

Package Manager

Directory of the module with file package Jason.  207 more words