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Vì sao em bỏ VẬT LÝ

Vì sao em – học 7 năm chuyên ngành Vật lý, tốt nghiệp ĐH loại giỏi lớp Cử nhân tài năng; đã học xong cao học với điểm phẩy 3.5/4, làm việc 3 năm ở 2 trường ĐH đúng chuyên ngành – lại quyết định bỏ Vật lý? 851 more words


Proposed Deal with Iran Not Legal

by Peter Huessy
March 23, 2015

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) forbids any of its signatories to have nuclear weapons. Full stop. The P5+1 have been attempting to amend the NPT without going through the process established by the NPT itself — and attempting to do this for just one of its 190 signatories: Iran.  81 more words

Israel & Middle East

[AP] Draft resolution came out at NPT

BEIJING, March 22nd AP Draft resolution 1.1 that mainly focus on the solutions about nuclear weapons and draft resolution 1.2 that concentrated on nuclear weapons in the middle east were suggested to be combined into one. 22 more words


[AFP] South Korea willing to cooperate with the North on development of nuclear energy

BEIJING, March 21(AFP) “we are willing to cooperate with any countries on nuclear energy “delegate of South Korea from the UNEP said in the press conference. 65 more words


[AFP] the United States of America declared to disarm one-third of the nuclear weapons by 2020.

BEIJING, March 21,AFP In the NPT Press Conference this afternoon, the US responded to the AFP reporter and gave the detailed timetable for the disarmament of nuclear weapons. 185 more words


[AFP] Countries Seem to Attain Consensus

BEIJING, March 22(AFP) – In the NPT conference, there formed two blocs. One consists of Mid-East countries, whose concern is to establish a nuclear-free-zone in the Mid-East. 60 more words


[Reuters] Big News! No cooperation between UK and USA!

Reuters News Agency March 21st The United Kingdom pointed out that in the last several motions, delegations were threatened by the USA. What made UK feel really so confused was that two delegates from USA held the practically different views aiming to the entire EU, “We’re aspiring to seek the resources diversity, however, we received a piece of sanction sent by USA, which was they would give us sanction, which made all EU members shocked.” The United Kingdom also said that they have the rights to gain a diversity acquiring ways.