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Reasons for Loving Null Results

In a great blog (“Why we should love null results”) posted at The 100% CI, Anne Scheel gives some reasons why we should love statistically insignificant findings. 87 more words

Peter Courtney won't block push for presidential popular vote

Oregon Democratic Senate President Peter Courtney has block previous attempts to have Oregon sidestep the Electoral College.

Source: Peter Courtney won’t block push for presidential popular vote


Will increasing invested capital to take advantage of projects with positive NPV increase EVA or NOPAT?

Yes, both.

Increasing invested capital to take advantage of positive NPV projects will increase NOPAT and the dollar cost of capital $WACC. Because NPV is positive the increase in NOPAT will be larger than the increase in $WACC so EVA will increase.

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Make Every Vote Count!

It’s time to contact your Oregon legislators about supporting SB 823, the “National Popular Vote” (NPV) bill.

Contact your own state legislators and also Oregon’s senate president Peter Courtney. 142 more words


The Real Cost of Lifestyle Altruism

A one way flight from New York to Mumbai costs about Rs. 51,727, or $773.95. Volunteering American students coming to India to work with underprivileged children spend about Rs.700 daily in India during and towards their stay–not including discretionary expenses like shopping, tourist visits, and other recreation. 263 more words

What information is relevant when deciding whether to laser tattoo fruits and vegetables instead of using paper or plastic stickers?

Every piece of fruit and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores has a small sticker on it. These stickers include food type, origin, and whether it was grown organically. 321 more words

Teaching Accounting

แฉหมดเปลือก! เทคนิควิเคราะห์ Feasibility Study แบบมือโปร

“อยากทำ Feasibility Study เป็น ต้องใช้ความรู้อะไรบ้างครับ?”


ในฐานะที่มีประสบการณ์ทำ Project Feasibility มาบ้าง ขอตอบด้วยบทความนี้ครับ ^__^ 294 more words

Feasibility Study