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Job satisfaction of Canadian government scientists tanking

As I try to move on to a more positive mind set, and leave the bitterness of my government science days behind me, I’m less inclined to keep this blog going on a regular basis. 84 more words


NRC Science 101 – About Spent Nuclear Fuel Part II

Greg Casto
Branch Chief
Division of Reactor Safety Systems

Our last post talked about the fuel that powers nuclear reactors. Today, we’ll talk about what happens to that fuel when it’s removed from a reactor. 498 more words


The 411 on Operator Training and Licensing

A focus on safety, commitment and accountability – these are the core elements of an effective nuclear reactor operator.

A nuclear reactor operator, senior reactor operator or anyone supervising the operation of a commercial nuclear reactor must be licensed by the… 311 more words

Duke Energy

OIG Audits NRC’s Scientific Research Program

Stephen Dingbaum
Assistant Inspector General for Audits

An Office of the Inspector General audit regarding the NRC’s process for ensuring integrity in scientific research is now available… 270 more words


IT security overhaul at National Research Council to cost $32.5M

Fortifying the National Research Council’s computer systems in the wake of a high-profile cyber attack last year will cost the federal government $32.5 million.

That money, given to the government’s super-IT department, will cover costs for a complete overhaul of one of the most complex and sensitive IT infrastructures in the country. 394 more words

Local News

EXIT — A Good Sign of Radiation

Maureen Conley
Public Affairs Officer

Most people know radioactive energy can be harnessed to provide electricity and even to diagnose and treat certain illnesses. But would it surprise you to learn that radioactive materials also perform an important safety function by lighting emergency EXIT signs? 311 more words