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Education Product Purchases

The authorised distributor of Lego Education products in Malaysia is Sasbadi Learning Solutions. In case you’re wondering who you should contact for consultations regarding such purchases, the information for Sasbadi Learning Solution’s sales representatives (2018) is as follows: 142 more words


On the front page no less

Most of the usage problems studied by Mittins et al. in the late 1960s (Attitudes to English Usage, 1970) have since increased in acceptability. 231 more words

Usage Features

Proposed Railway E-ticketing System to Commence Soon, says NRC

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has annouced that its proposed introduction of E-ticketing system is still in progress and will be commenced soon. An electronic ticket system is a more efficient method of ticket entry, processing and marketing for companies in the airline and railways industries. 156 more words


Beyond and between the lines, NRC and the immigrants.

A person was not affiliated to the common roots of the people sharing the same air inside the room, thereby he was pushed out of the door and he vanished the moment he was thrown out. 675 more words


National Register of Citizen (NRC)-The beginning of another HUMANITARIAN CRISIS?

As far as I can remember it was in 2015 when my father handed me the NRC (The Nation Register of citizens) form to fill it up. 586 more words

Eerste hulp bij fictieve ongelukken

NRC, 14 februari 2018 Slachtoffer spelen Zo’n 2.200 vrijwilligers zetten zich in als slachtoffer bij rampenoefeningen. „Tijdens de brand kwam mijn hand onder de zaag.” … 890 more words

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