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RLCS Day 2 - When Second Best Isn't Good Enough

From second place in the first tournament to first place in the second, Flipsid3 Tactics are your Rocket League season two champions!

The defending runner-ups found themselves in a familiar situation, needing to take the long route to the finals, as they did last season. 705 more words

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Veterans leave ALTERNATE aTTaX to pursue other opportunities

Rising German squad ALTERNATE aTTaX suffered a huge blow shortly after testing the waters in international play. Veteran players Kevin “keev” Bartholomaus and Oliver “kzy” Heck are looking for greener pastures after publicly announcing on Twitter that they will no longer be playing for the team. 275 more words


Lupus Undetected


HERE’S WHAT SHANAIL Mo’Nick SAID: “I was diagnosed with lupus almost 5 years ago!! I was put on 50 different medications,
They gave me a 50/50 chance of living 3 times !! 90 more words

Electric Miles - The NRG United Promotion

You’ve heard of those deals before.  They draw you in with a great promotional rate or a free month of something.  You’re pretty happy with what you get, and then they smack you with a high charge, just when you thought you were safe! 1,834 more words

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OGN Overwatch Apex 11/9/16 Update

Korea’s OGN Overwatch Apex started up again this week after a brief hiatus due to Blizzcon and some other small events going on in the world of Overwatch. 184 more words


Titanic clash as NRG and Lunatic-Hai compete for a spot in the APAC finals in Shanghai

The semi finals for the APAC Premier in Shanghai had fans on their toes as giants clashed for a place in the finals.

The first match saw two favourites to win clashing head to head, with NRG from the United States facing off against Lunatic-Hai from South Korea, starting on Numbani, then moving to Nepal, Lijiang Tower and finally Ilios, ending with a victory for Lunatic-Hai three maps to one. 238 more words


NRG Names Two Well-Known Researchers To Leadership Team Under New Owner

National Research Group has revamped and is moving forward under new ownership and new leadership by hiring two seasoned researchers — both well-known in their fields — to help lead the company’s efforts: Jason Pritchett, who was managing director of MarketCast and worked there for over a decade and Universal Pictures’ research exec Chuck Gaylord. 320 more words

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