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NRG Innovations SRK-650GM Quick Release Kit (Gun Metal Body/Gun Metal Ring with Handles)

We at NRG Innovations pride ourselves for not only being enthusiast operated, but founded by car lovers and pioneers of the growing scene. Whether we’re working on one of our sponsored vehicles or even our own in house projects, we make sure to put every single product to the test so that we can consistently bring you the strongest, and highest quality products.
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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Cut Energy Costs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Tuesday is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.

“It’s an annual event that reminds people to reduce their energy usage in their home,” says Dave Schrader with NRG Energy. 253 more words


[PHOTO] Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Entrance Revealed

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Looks like Lady Gaga is prepping herself for the grand entrance to her Super Bowl performance on horseback, after all this is Texas.   94 more words


Overwatch Tanks: The Bread-And-Butter Meta

There comes a time in every competitive team-based game where certain group compositions are simply too good to ignore. Like the “holy trinity” in MMOs (tank-healer-dps), there’s usually a core that you build around based on individual strengths and weaknesses. 825 more words




A pack that needs no introduction,  with all previous mods added plus hundreds more.  Main new features are

-Eu version no longer should crash… 70 more words

White House Gaming Event For Healthcare

Gamers from across the country were invited to the White House yesterday to partake in an event revolving around healthcare and the Affordable Care Act. Twitch streamers, government officials and pro gamers all took part in this ground breaking “game-a-thon” that lasted for the better part of the entire afternoon on Monday, December 12th. 572 more words


NRG & Associates Tips What You Should Know About Business Leadership

NRG & Associates Professional tips provider. In becoming a great leader, it is always important to take advice from others. Their advice can help you to learn and grow, and it will enhance the skill set that you already have, making you a more effective leader. 1,025 more words

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