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With so called ‘land grabbing, either legal or otherwise, in Papua New Guinea – hope the attachment give a LAYMAN’s view on the Surveyors’ Role.


What do you think about the Indian student touching his American dean's feet?

An Indian Student Touched His American Dean’s Feet And Left Him & The World Happily Surprised

Indians will be Indians…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/YVR94DzW2l

— Usman (@Trollacharya) …

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The road inbetween-2

Remember when you were a child, how much fun you had.Everything was playful and interesting. Nothing was that serious, you didn’t care.. And what’s there to care about, your main goal was to have fun, to play with life, because that’s why we are here on this planet.

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58-Year-Old Indian Man Detained At Atlanta Airport By US Immigration, Dies In Custody

A 58-year-old Indian man died on Tuesday in the custody of US immigration officials at a hospital in Atlanta. Atul Kumar Babubhai Patel was detained last week for allegedly not possessing necessary immigration documents while entering the country.  323 more words

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NRI in News: AT&T's High Speed-Network is Helping Suman Kanuganti's Smart Glasses Change the World

Imagine having just arrived at a busy airport and having to navigate to baggage claim, all the while having your eyes closed. Now imagine having to choose your bag out of hundreds of cases of luggage. 331 more words

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कविता १०१

गणित अाणि कविता या दोन गोष्टीत कमालीचं साम्य अाहे. दोन्ही अल्पाक्षरी – फाफटपसारा अजिबात नाही. दोन्हीत अाशय अाणि अर्थ ठासून भरलेला. अाणि, “अाम्हाला त्यातलं काही कळत नाही” असं म्हणून त्यापासून दूर पळणारे लोकही दोन्हीकडे.