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Direct admission through management quota in top colleges in Bangalore 2015

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Cont For direct admission in management quta 7406831777 Pawan kumar (Bangalore)

1. B M S College of Engineering, 237 more words


Hedging – One of the Risk Management Styles

The term risk refers to the possibility that in future, an undesirable even may happen resulting out of present or future decisions and event. Life is full of multitude of various risks. 194 more words


Igbos like to support others without even have or support their own,lol

Did Igbos really knows who they are?what they have?I dont know if Igbo Jews,know that this Hen or Chicken  of Apga is Simble of  Hebrews? some Igbos said that they are hebrew,some said that they are Jews,some said that they are Israel,some even dressing Hebrews,carrying many Hebrews article,but do you know what the meanings are ,some even goes to church and come back and call those art fact  who make them what they are  idle,or village things,there are many legendary history in Igboland which they know that it is there but their mind never goes to know the history and the meaning or even the originOtamari legend in Nekede,Idemmiri Royal legend phython,Agulu lake and Her Crocodile,Star of Dawid,DEWEUDO,many towns with their forbiding animals,each town in Igboland have history of animal,Nnewi with ewi,Anambra with Lion,Crocodile and phython,all the art fact in igboland are hebrews,Igbo people are fighting them self,because colonialist jamm their head by converting their anscestors to christianity,and ever since then,Udo falls,Christian different churches stands,and those going to church fighting those keeping their Hebrews art and culture,Igbo go back to your art and find out what you have before you keep fighting and killing your self,it is because some of you do not know what you have and some  dont even know who they  are,that is why they  are changing their  hebrew name to christian name,while their original has  meaning of their life and they are taking names like  macking,marcken nic,nicke,puma,etc,they dont even know the meaning of their reall name,and the meaning of their  nick name?APGA should keep our cokolonkooooooo,if you want to know how cokolonkoo works they wake you up in the morning,even when you dont even have time,clock,they wake you up at six,which is time you need to wake up,6 or 7,this number is important in your life,well I am APGA but I am not a politician I am a traditional APGA,

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Legal Formalities for E-commerce website- Company Formation

In our previous articles we learned about Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, so here is the article if you are going for a Company to start a E-commerce Website: 769 more words


Chris Cali ,Ogbujianyim Oliver Yah Emeka NwokediYah ,Chukwudi Okpalaike,Elochukwu Mmaduabuchi,

This four people where best Friend so far,they are class mate,what we did in Comunity Primary School Isuofia is history,in1990,But Elochukwu is dead,RiP Master Elo,you live in us,forever,till one day we will all meet again,this foto means morethan one million Euros in my life,the three that stands up is still alive,the one that bows down is gone,among the remaining three two is now PAPA to one one kid,while the one in the middle still single,life goes on,Biafrans have many things to talk about,

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The Otamari Legend in Igboland,Nri Kingdom,Biafra,

The Otamari Legend There is a curious and interesting legend woven around the rise of Otamiri in Egbu. This legend also attests to the shrewdness and pride of Egbu people. 151 more words

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