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Scary, scary smoke

“Electronic Cigarettes” (I have to put the term in speech marks as I’m becoming sick of hearing it – carries too many negative connotations) have entered our society at a very sensitive time. 532 more words


Policies based on cut and paste journalism

One thing that terrifies me about the media led smearing of vaping is that the effect it has on the populace and the effect which that then has upon political decisions.   284 more words


It's not the vaping they want to stop, it's the lack of smoking

Last night I made a decision, as I often do on Sunday evenings, to get an early night and then be up at the crack of dawn to go and punish myself down the gym.       613 more words


The appointment of an interim CEO has done little to stem the falling of Novogen’s share price.

At 3.05pm (AEST) Novogen shares were 8.51 per cent lower at 21.5c, against a benchmark index fall of  1.14 per cent. 32 more words


Novogen has appointed former director Iain Ross back to its board and named him acting CEO, following the shock resignation of CEO Graham Kelly.

Mr Ross said Novogen has a great team of scientists, a strong management group and an experienced and committed Board of Directors. 38 more words


Graham Kelly has resigned as CEO of Novogen, effective immediately.

The company said Dr Kelly has departed to resume his work in non-oncology based early stage research. 23 more words


Emily's Story - Ask, Advise, Act

Smoking remains the biggest single preventable cause of death in the UK and the biggest single cause of respiratory disease but most smokers want to quit. 113 more words