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Security Clearance Upgrades Can Lead to Loss of Existing Clearance

By John V. Berry, Esq., www.berrylegal.com

When an individual with a security clearance is submitted for a security clearance upgrade, any previously existing security concerns are scrutinized once again, but at a higher level.  456 more words

CISPA 2.0: Say Goodbye to our Constitutional Rights

Originally published on February, 28 2013 on occupy.com

Reprinted on Truthout

The unrelenting attack on our civil liberties and our privacy continues. Last year we managed to survive an onslaught of legislation that would have destroyed entrepreneurship and free enterprise on the Internet, and our ability to define how we share music, art and information in general. 870 more words


Your iPhone's six-digit pass code is no longer safe

”iPhones protected by a six-digit pass code may no longer be safe thanks to a cheap tool being marketed to police that can unlock a smartphone in just days,” James Hetherington reports for Newsweek. 272 more words


Tracking bitcoin was NSA’s ‘#1 priority’

A trove of documents handed over to an investigative news agency by whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed that keeping track of bitcoin transactions and users was “#1 priority” for the US National Security Agency (NSA). 131 more words


iPhone X Made Bank in 4th Quarter; New iPhone SE Soon; Facebook’s EU Privacy Compliance; Company Using Facebook for Massive Facial Recognition Database

There has been so much coverage about what a big flop the iPhone X is…now, comes word that the flagship handset brought in 35% of total worldwide iPhone profits in the 4th quarter….and really only 2 months of that quarter! 403 more words

The NSA Wants a Skeleton Key to Everyone's Encrypted Data 

Encryption can protect personal data from government intrusion, which means the government wants the key to break it.

Gavin Hanson reports: Like it or not, you… 342 more words


Social Media Now Being Used by Police and Intelligence Agencies to Collect Biometrics

By Nicholas West | Activist Post

Amid the ongoing Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle over their general surveillance and misuse of users’ private data, there is an emerging trend that is infinitely more disturbing. 835 more words