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Former NSA Hacker David Kennedy Weighs In On The Uber Hack And Cover-Up

Former NSA hacker David Kennedy speaks about the implications of the Uber hack and whether the company should have reported the data breach.

This video is from MSNBC’s ‘Velshi & Ruhle’ with… 14 more words


ANALYSIS: Donald Trump only believes the truths that suit him

In the eyes of U.S. President Donald Trump, an American basketball player caught shoplifting in China is a “very big deal,” but accusations of sexual assault against teenage girls by an Alabama Senate candidate don’t mean much. 618 more words


Alexa is now a complete spy

Alexa just became more powerful. She used to be able to only listen in and interrupt your conversations, but now she can watch what you are doing. 28 more words


NSA Leaked Documents

This torrent was downloaded with some documents. It included a text document with links. Go searching around yourself if you’re looking for more documents.

Text Document: 567 more words




President Tweet’s poll figures throughout his first year in office have been historically low when it comes to approval figures. Much of the time in the 30% range. 333 more words

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The Vulnerabilities Equities Action Still Has Issues Alike Afterwards Added Transparency

Governments await on flaws in software, hardware, and encryption protocols for espionage and altered intelligence gathering. And what makes that cyber-sneaking accessible are abstruse flaws that governments acquisition and accumulate to themselves. 1,209 more words

Snowden: Mass surveillance is a problem for the masses

“Surveillance should be selective, least impact, and controlled by technology, not politics, Cyber Threat Summit hears…”

17 November 2017 | Staff |TechCentral

“Surveillance should be harder, not easier, and should only ever be deployed in the least intrusive manner necessary to achieve the objective. 2,243 more words