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The End of Michael Flynn

The shortest tenure of a presidential national security advisor in history goes to General Mike Flynn, who resigned on Monday night after controversy over his Russia call about sanctions and misleading Vice President Mike Pence of the nature of that call. 7 more words


David Price | Rogue Elephant Rising: The CIA as Kingslayer

 This moment tells us more about the CIA revolting against a particular administration than it does about Trump’s people engaging in unusually diabolical-illegal activities designed to undermine an outgoing administration.    822 more words


NSA Travel Essentials - 3 in 1 All Weather Protector

This amazing 3 in 1 All Weather Protector by Travel Essentials is a fabulous bit of kit. It’s a foldaway and pop up cover for the car seat attachment on your pram. 257 more words


McMaster: The Man For The Shit Sandwich

Amid the chaos of Mr. Trump’s White House, there is word that LTG H. R. McMaster is on the consideration list for National Security Adviser. Finally!LTG McMaster is uniquely suited for the NSA position. 99 more words

Dereliction Of Duty

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. 326 more words


Former Mossad chief: "Mike Flynn was very experienced. Maybe, he has been thrown under the bus.”

“Maybe Flynn made a mistake even with no intention, but that can happen to anyone. I don’t think we need to worry that our intelligence will go to Russia.”

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Would you buy your kid a doll that can be compromised by the NSA?

❝ It’s nice to have a friend who’s a good listener, but a doll called My Friend Cayla listens a little too well, according to German regulators who say the toy is essentially a stealthy espionage device that shares what it hears and is also vulnerable to takeover by third parties.

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