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#NSA loses bulk #metadata as Asio gains it? -rolls eyes-

We Aussies used to joke that being behind the rest of the world was a good thing because it allowed us to avoid the mistakes made by other countries. 324 more words

My Soap Box

(This one’s for IT guys, perticularly crypto geeks, source is Schneier’s blog)

NSA recently declassified a lectures book from 1973. It contains some real gems, such as these from pages 55/56:

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A decentralised web, bad for America, good for the World

Many participants are trying to decentralise the web, MaidSafe is one example. The reasons are obvious. A centralised and controlled web, is not compatible with the core values the web was built around. 617 more words


Wagging the dog - How the surveillance society became society surveillance

Wagging the dog is an old expression, and it means that instead of having the dog wag its tail, the tail wags its dog. There’s also a magnificent movie from the 90s with the same title, with several of my favourite actors playing key parts. 661 more words