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... Ha!Ha! ... She deserved This [#Susan Rice][#AIPAC]...

.. the ObamaCraps sent out some flunkies in order tto try to do some fence – mending in advance of PM Bibi Netanyahu ‘ s speech in front of a joint Meeting of Congress . 60 more words

Personal Opinion

The Intercept: What It’s Like to Read the NSA’s Newspaper for Spies

An internal website was surprisingly forthcoming about NSA activities.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Peter Maass  The Intercept  May 16 2016

THE MEN AND WOMEN who work at the National Security Agency were greeted, on March 31, 2003, with a cheery notice on their office computers. 1,142 more words

Corporate Empire

Here's What Encryption Has in Common With Free-Range Chicken and Recycled Paper

Privacy has become a digital feature consumers look for, like “sweatshop-free.” Apps that offer good privacy get positive points with the public, at least in the form of approving stories in the tech press. 914 more words

NATO’s Big New Russian Spy Scandal

Last weekend, in the latest development in the secret espionage struggle between Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin and the West, a major Russian spy was arrested in Italy. 1,261 more words

Privacy Shield not ready yet

Two working parties, ministers galore… but data transfer law remains in limbo

The revelations by rogue NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden in 2013 caused indignant EU politicians to open a dialogue with the US government to update the data transfer regime to safeguard personal data. 1,143 more words


Government Using NSA to Change Amount in Bank Accounts, Warns Panel

A White House review panel report into the activities of the NSA suggested that the government was using the spy agency to launch cyber attacks against financial institutions and change the amounts held in bank accounts. 380 more words