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Reading Material: 07.03.15

Some of the best of what I’ve read this week:

And on the Memory of Your Tastebuds, They are All Umami – Allie Marini – Short fictional stories where a bag of limes is too much commitment for a man, and one is advised to never run out of potato chips. 185 more words

Melissa Clark

Peut-on espionner ses alliés?

I published with Olivier Chopin and Yves Trotignon an op-ed in Le Monde, about the so-called “French leaks”.

You can read it here.


Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 3

It’s a Freaky Friday indeed…indeed we’re not even sure you’re reading this, so many of our readers have already taken off for the boondocks, the hinterlands, or just the basement, cutting off all contact with the outside world in a desperate, and futile, attempt to convince their Facebook friends that they’re at some swank beach resort. 248 more words


Out-of-body experiences are more common than we may know ...

One in five people, according to one study, have had one or more out-of-body experiences in their lives. Troy Evans, a graphics designer in Minneapolis, suddenly finds himself experiencing an out-of-body, and listening in on a conversation in a hotel in Philadelphia – over 1000 miles away, where four high-ranking officials of the US government are planning a major domestic attack on the nation, attributing it to “terrorism” – in order to fuel their agenda for more war, military aggression and to grow the machinery of national and international intelligence surveillance. 50 more words


NSA Spies Can Hack Any Computer in 'A Few Mouse Clicks'

NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden to the Guardian in 2013 described a covert program called XKEYSCORE (XKS) and showed how the US government can see almost everything one does on the internet; the new portion of the classified files published by The Intercept now reveals how easily it can be done: “as easy as typing a few words in Google.” 726 more words

XKEYSCORE: NSA’s Google for the World’s Private Communications

From The Intercept, by Morgan Marquis-Boire, Jul 2015

Coming next: A Look Under the Hood of XKEYSCORE

One of the National Security Agency’s most powerful tools of mass surveillance makes tracking someone’s Internet usage as easy as entering an email address, and provides no built-in technology to prevent abuse.  2,615 more words