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UFC Releases Wanderlei Silva From His Contract

RIZIN, it’s up to you now. Book Fedor against another no-name, or give him The Axe Murderer.  215 more words


Nevada State Athletic Commission Reaches Settlement with Nick Diaz, Suspension Substantially Reduced

In the fall of 2015, UFC fighter Nick Diaz was suspended for five years and fined for testing positive for marijuana following his UFC 183 fight against Anderson Silva.  205 more words


Nick Diaz's Suspension Cut Back To 18 Months, $100,000 Fine

Well. It’s over. Nick Diaz’s suspension is now one that is reasonable, as is the fine he has to pay. Who do MMA fans go after next? 453 more words


Thomas Hauser Howitzer Across Mayweather/NSAC/USADA Bow

This the latest in a Thomas Hauser series of exposures of the widening cracks in the Mayweather/NSAC/USADA drug testing protocol.


In chronological order going backwards all the way to the original September 9th article that shook the boxing world to it’s roots. 133 more words

VIDEO: A Stoned Nick Diaz Showing Bruce Lee What's Up On The Nunchucks

Watch Nick Diaz show  you how to use the Nun-chucks  Bruce Lee style and  after you do that, send him support by signing the petition to lift his ban… 9 more words

The Nevada Athletic Commission Crashed Cris "Cyborg's" Pole Dancing Session Today

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino was attending her regular Pole Dancing classes where she gets in a little bit of extracurricular training to help her reach the 135lb weight class where she will face UFCs Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey when she was surprised by a visit from the NSAC. 28 more words