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Thomas Hauser Howitzer Across Mayweather/NSAC/USADA Bow

This the latest in a Thomas Hauser series of exposures of the widening cracks in the Mayweather/NSAC/USADA drug testing protocol.


In chronological order going backwards all the way to the original September 9th article that shook the boxing world to it’s roots. 133 more words

VIDEO: A Stoned Nick Diaz Showing Bruce Lee What's Up On The Nunchucks

Watch Nick Diaz show  you how to use the Nun-chucks  Bruce Lee style and  after you do that, send him support by signing the petition to lift his ban… 9 more words

The Nevada Athletic Commission Crashed Cris "Cyborg's" Pole Dancing Session Today

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino was attending her regular Pole Dancing classes where she gets in a little bit of extracurricular training to help her reach the 135lb weight class where she will face UFCs Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey when she was surprised by a visit from the NSAC. 28 more words

SNAP to Suffer from Shutdown

From National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition:

September 25, Washington D.C. – “As Congress begins to recover from Pope Francis’ visit to the Capitol and process House Leader Boehner’s (R-OH) announcement that he will leave Congress in October, it will once again be facing the task of how to fund the government and prevent a shutdown with only days left before the end of the fiscal year. 394 more words


A Greater Community – The National Sexual Assault Conference from One Advocate’s Perspective

All over the United States, there are people hard at work to end sexual assault and rape. We work full-time or part-time. Sometimes we volunteer. We go to hospitals to be with survivors at midnight after an assault. 1,298 more words

Floyd Mayweather on Nick Diaz: "Let the man smoke his weed!"

Floyd Mayweather is the latest major public figure to weigh in on Nick Diaz’s 5 year suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for marijuana metabolites. 22 more words