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Monitoring Windows Machines from Nagios

Here we are going to see how to monitor windows machines using Nagios tools. Please follow the below steps to add the windows hosts in nagios. 507 more words


Nagios: Starting NSClient++ service fails with the error 'NSClient++ (x64) is not a valid Win32 application.'

I was recently investigating an issue where the Nagios monitoring agent (NSClient++) service failed to start with the following error message:

The NSClient++ (x64) service failed to start due to the following error:

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Powershell: Nagios plugin to monitor Windows Task Scheduler / EventLogs

This is a Powershell script that I had written to monitor Windows Task Scheduler jobs. This requirement came up when I had to start monitoring a few backup jobs that are executed through using a ROBOCOPY script which is scheduled. 312 more words


How to fix ATT000001.BIN attachemnt on NSCLIENT and Nagios\Opsview

I have a handful of scripts our Opsview is running through NSCLIENT on Windows.

It appears that after echoing more than 2 lines over to Opsview, the email notifications being sent will contain a BIN file with the echoed text in it rather than the actual body of the email. 62 more words

Monitor the status of SQL Server Agent jobs with Nagios XI

I am looking into monitoring the status of  SQL Server Agent jobs and reporting them with Nagios with the following requirements


NSClient reports "Request string contained illegal metachars!"

I as recently compiling an external script within Nagios XI to run using the NSClient where upon execution I was receiving the following message in the nsclient.log: 64 more words


Windows Updates in Nagios

We’re currently using Nagios as our main monitoring system at the Department. There’s actually no need to change that (even though I tried SCOM 2012). Things that I’ve been missing in our current Nagios setup are notifications about Windows Updates. 537 more words