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On the road we go - final day in Lilongwe

Tuesday, January 6

Today was our second full day in Lilongwe, Malawi. We started off our morning by heading to Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary. Here, we were given a fabulous tour of the sanctuary which has various types of animals: owls, alligators, primates, antelopes, lion, and serval cats. 943 more words

College Life

School feeding ... the status quo

As you all know feeding kids at school is important. We try to improve the already existing by providing fruit trees to schools.

Check what school feeding in Zambia under WPF (World Food Programme) looks like right now: nsima and cow peas. 63 more words


Penultimate Full Week of PST

This week has been, in short, pretty great.

Aside from feeling cautiously optimistic, digestive system-wise, our training sessions this week were focused on a topic that I find extremely interesting, I received a clutch package from home, and I decided that I might actually like (a certain type of) nsima. 1,021 more words

Winter in Malawi

Winter has officially arrived in Malawi. It is not as cold as winter in England however it was a bit of a shock compared with the nice hot weather last week. 673 more words

What's cookin', good lookin'?

Referring to the picture above, on the left is a maize porridge called nsima (pronounced EN-SEE-MAH) and on the right is chambo (CHOM-BOW) or fish — which isn’t to be confused with chomba, which is marijuana or chombo, which is rocket. 154 more words


Food in Malawi

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics: food.

Just today, I was sitting down to eat with a fellow Malawian friend and I remarked that there is one truism regarding Malawians: they will feed you until you are past content — then offer you more. 719 more words


What did you say Your Name was? - A novel, Chapter 3


For Chapter 2 click here:  Chapter 2

(Author’s note: This chapter has multiple pages. Please click the number at the bottom to continue reading the next page) 1,954 more words

Writing Fiction