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Arts and crafts and apps - how I learn

So I was trying to work out how on earth I could start trying to process all of the bits and pieces of information that I’ve been learning about roller derby into something meaningful. 508 more words


NSO workshop extravaganza

So I’m really lucky to be part of a league that takes its training super seriously (not suggesting that anyone else doesn’t but our guys are still pretty awesome). 1,037 more words


The Story Behind the Shoes

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was out. The leaves were green, and the day was just beautiful. That’s how I remember it at least. 572 more words


Stanford Freshman Q&A: A gift to the 2020 Bunnies

This post is the longform version of the CiC video, “Stanford Student Life Q&A,” and is dedicated to the incoming Class of 2020, AKA les twenty-twenty bunnies. 1,976 more words


Wedding License Requirements

As a fiancée of an American Citizen our requirements slightly different from others. As American citizen have a very few requirements.

We got the help from Judge Ester Villarin #02-875-3198; 0908-100-0939; … 475 more words

Getting NSO Birth Certificate From SM

Need a PSA or an NSO Birth Certificate? You can get it from any SM branch near you.

With the new bureaucratic rule of six-month-period document validity in most government offices, it’s a wonder we still see trees standing in the country. 486 more words

The Saga That Is My Life

Starting out...

So I’ve been training to be a NSO for a grand total of about two months. I went to my first ever bout as a spectator in May 2016 and watched the… 590 more words