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Healing On The Inside

I’ve been sugar and grain free for a little over three weeks now.  Down about five pounds and feeling good.  No, I’m not like one of those magazine success stories that scream, “I lost 15 pounds in two weeks by cutting carbs!”  Seriously, those stories are the exception and not the rule.  121 more words

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Are You Ready For Monday?

Not really sure where the weekend went, but it’s gone again.  I haven’t been super happy with the scale.  Tuesday was 233, Wednesday was 233, Thursday was 231.8, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was 234.   363 more words


NSVs--always a good thing!

NSVs  (or Non-Scale Victories) are great things!  (NOT to be confused with STDs!!)

Sometimes that scale is just a plain liar! Our weights are always changing depending on the time of day, foods eaten the day before of even that “time of the month”. 316 more words


This Girl Can: Weekly Victories

OK so probably like everybody who has ever been on a weight roller coaster, I have grappled, wrestled, waged war with the scale and those implacable and sometimes inexplicable numbers that pop up on it. 233 more words

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A pleasant find while doing some spring cleaning

This weekend my wife and I decided to start the spring cleaning process. Our first stop is our laundry room, which is also the indoor storage room for our house. 218 more words

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3/16/15 Monday Measurements and a sort of NSV

Last Weeks Weight: 251

This Weeks Weight: 250 = This Weeks Loss 1 lb

Starting Weight: 267 = Total Loss 17 lbs.

My kind of/sort of no scale victory comes courtesy of a new pair of jeans. 189 more words

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My gym bought new, larger towels

That was the thought I had in my head this morning. I very rarely shower at the gym. I love a short distance away, and usually just come home. 123 more words

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