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Lola: One of my Fave Side Effects of Keto

Besides weight loss, I have noticed some other side effects of keto. Of course I feel better in general because I have broken my food and carb addictions and I’m not walking around every day in a carb-fog, eating until I’m in physical pain, and hating myself for it. 362 more words


I've been given my life back.

Hey to my three readers out there.  :)  Long time no see!  It’s been a tumultuous few months since my last post.  And to be honest, I was seriously considering taking down this blog altogether for quite some time…  with the pressures of work and personal stuff, writing here was starting to feel a bit like work, and I just couldn’t have more work on my plate (pardon the pun) right now. 2,026 more words

Post-Op: Week 12!!

Three months…wowza! Aside from the kidney stone issue, this journey has been fairly uneventful…and I am forever thankful for that! I’ve read a lot of stories and blogs from people who have had complications and problems post surgery and I am so very glad to have had an uncomplicated journey. 573 more words


I haven't quit honest!

I promise I am still here! I just am so caught up in working (3 jobs!) studying going to the gym and sleeping to even think about posting my updates. 330 more words


I Don't Think You Meant To Say That...

Have you ever had a conversation with a parent, relative, someone close to you and they say something that hurts but you don’t think they realized what they said or how they said it could be taken badly? 628 more words

Hey, Don't Say That!

I read an article from MyFitnessPal (btdubs, my username is BowlerChick85 if you wanna be friends) about the 5 things not to say to people who are losing weight: 781 more words

Halfway through 2016

When you struggle with perfectionism and self-doubt, it can sometimes seem like your life is grinding to a halt and you are spending your days doing nothing. 523 more words