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My Whole30 Part 2: My #NSV List

After completing my whole30 experience in December, I found a great number of obvious benefits that spanned from better mood to more self-efficacy in the kitchen. 429 more words


The Little Things (NSVs)

I had a funny incident. It was funny because no-one else saw me, but it made me think about all the other weird little things that happen as you lose weight and the things that make you notice a difference – those non-scale victories. 319 more words


#JanuaryWhole30 - the days after...

So my January Whole 30 ended on February 9th, which was 3 days ago.

Here’s the report of the changes I noticed during it, and the effects of reintroducing one single item. 734 more words

Food Journal

Make up your mind.

I had goals this week.

  • Fold laundry.
  • Do laundry (which technically means more laundry to fold, but that wasn’t specifically on the list).
  • Clean off the damn island.
  • 331 more words

Things I Need To Do......

Get up off my ass and get to the gym. ¬†What is the point of mum and I paying all that money for a gym membership if I’m not going to use it? 209 more words

Weight Loss

Day 30

31st January 2017

Halleluja! And Then Maybe Some Wine…

The last day has arrived! It’s kind of¬†surreal. Right now the 30 days feel like they just rushed by. 162 more words


Day 27

28th January 2017


Yes! Today I had a ton of energy – it felt amazing! I did a bunch of work around the apartment like cleaning the windows! 138 more words