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I TOOK MY SHIRT OFF...and nothing happened.

Hot Yoga was H-O-T today! Everyone else was taking off their shirts and I was so jealous. I kept thinking about doing it, but then stopping myself. 23 more words

Eat Clean


Well, I am officially 1 week from surgery. I feel like there is so much I should be doing to prepare, but at the same time, that I don’t know how to prepare for it completely. 645 more words



So I mentioned in my last post how I’ve been struggling with the scale lately. There are different ways to handle this…a lot of people will feel so frustrated that they will stop exercising or eat poorly. 866 more words

Red-lipped rewards.

For a 40 pound weight-loss reward, I purchased a $22 lipstick. I don’t buy ridiculous things for myself very often, and I CERTAINLY do not buy a single cosmetic that costs more than $10 AND I don’t really wear lipstick, so this is the splurgiest of splurges. 1,091 more words