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Lola: Stop When You're Full

I have a quick NSV to share – you probably know by now that I have a sweet tooth and I like to have dessert with meals more often than not. 167 more words


NSV's & hair loss

I have had several NSV’s (non scale victories) lately. One of which I don’t think my co-workers appreciated as much as I did. Last school year, I couldn’t fit into a student desk. 441 more words


So on my drive into work this morning I was thinking (I have an hour commute…lots of thinking time lol!) about how sometimes it still seems surreal to me that THIS is my life now. 455 more words



So far, so good today.

Its only 4:30 pm and I admit I’m a little hungry with only something like 230 calories left for the day. 42 more words



so I’m at a conference this week for work. ¬†About 2000+ people in a hotel in southern CA learning about software programs and all it’s features. ¬† 103 more words


FIVE Months...whaaat?

I can’t even believe FIVE months have gone by since I had surgery. SO much has happened in that time and I’ve made so many positive changes in those five months. 348 more words


Day 6: Using rubber!

So I have finally bought some training rubberbands to train my bad shoulders with:

My permanently bad shoulders are so stiff that my physical therapist called me the least flexible person without a disability, he had ever met… So they need some serious work. 55 more words