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Fit Friday: Non-scale Victories


Not all progress can be measured by the scale.  To be honest, I used to obsess over my weight and considered pounds lost as my only form of success.  194 more words


You CAN sit with us

Why hello there, lovelies.

So last Friday I went to a training in the City. I had to take the train. You ask anyone who I openly complain about things to, and they will tell you, I hate riding the train. 448 more words


Weigh in 23 and 24

accch I am getting so bored of this now.  I have been doing this for almost half a year and I still have sooo long to go.  209 more words



Let’s not kid ourselves here, I’m going to be going out drinking tonight. I’m going to go over my daily syns because of it and I’m totally okay with that. 277 more words


Back in the Slimming Saddle

Despite falling of the horse with an epic bump over the last two weeks, I went back to group and faced the scales with a 4lbs gain. 339 more words


Meet Tanita

Today I met Tanita. She is what I have been missing my whole life! For those of you not familiar with Tanita, she is a scale. 337 more words


Camera Shy! Maybe not so much anymore.

Something happened on Thursday that I’ve been meaning to share because it was a huge non-scale victory for me!!

I kept doing an exercise incorrectly, so my trainer decided to take a video so I could see what I was doing wrong. 242 more words