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Ask, Seek, Knock

Have you ever noticed how much kids ask for? I took a four-year-old to the grocery store with me last week to pick up some flour and chocolate chips for our some afternoon baking. 413 more words


Faithfulness and Story: Richard Hays and the Narrative Approach to Paul

In the last 30 years or so, narrative readings of Paul have become both popular and divisive. The “narrative” reading of Paul proposes that we understand Pauline theology or expression when we understand it to be grounded in a narrative. 382 more words


September Reading Log

Here is a rundown of the 4 books that I read in September.  It was a slow reading month due to my doctoral seminar.  Yet, October will be HUGE because I’m in the middle of a large number of books.   487 more words


Mark 6 and N.T. Wright

I read commentaries and theology devotionally alongside Scripture, and one of the commentaries I enjoy are the popular “For Everyone” series by N.T. Wright.  344 more words


Finding Myself

N.T. Wright “After You Believe-Why Christian Character Matters

Lately, I’ve noticed that many who claim to be Christians have a lack of desire to grow, learn or  mature in their faith.   874 more words


NT Wright on Predestination

In this video, Dr.N.T.Wright explains what Paul meant by predestination and election and looks at 3 key texts: Romans 8, 9-11, Eph 1.
Full Q&A Session HERE.


Currently Reading: Suprised By Hope

I came across this wonderful paragraph while reading Surprised By Hope, which has become one of my most-recommended books. This quote makes a lot more sense in the context of the whole book, but I love the way it captures the sense that nature is God’s good creation, here to be lovingly stewarded like a gardener, not exploited. 168 more words