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Kingdom and Cross

Take time to watch this video in which N.T. Wright brings together the Kingdom and Cross.

Biblical Studies

Temptation in the Wilderness

A Reflection on Luke 4:1-13

One of my favourite Christian bands in my teen years was a Canadian band called Hokus Pick. I’ve often been reminded of their simple, yet profound and honest lyrics that often echo the yearnings of my own heart. 1,057 more words


Conflict - Seeking Revenge or Forgiveness: An attempt to make things right

N.T. Wright has said: “If confrontation has to happen, as it often does, it must always be with forgiveness in mind, never revenge.”

Why do you think it is so difficult to seek forgiveness in a confrontation? 195 more words


And some United Methodists?

Here’s the background I need to get to post this quote below. Sewanee Uniiversity gave N.T. Wright an honor. A professor wrote that Wright did not deserve… 110 more words


Online courses taught by Prof. N.T. Wright to debut in late March

Online courses by Prof. N.T. Wright of St. Andrews University, Scotland, will launch in late March. The official web site says the first three topics will be Good News, Paul and His Letter to the Galatians, and Worldviews, the Bible, and the Believer. 139 more words

New Testament

Lecture: Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Origins (N.T. Wright)

Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Origins*

(Originally published in Gregorianum, 2002, 83/4, 615–635.  Reproduced by permission of the author.)

  1. Introduction

The question of Jesus’ resurrection continues to haunt the thinking and writing of many scholars.   132 more words


N.T. Wright on how the New Testament should be read?

The New Testament, I suggest, must be read so as to be understood, read within appropriate contexts, within an acoustic which will allow its full overtones to be heard.

281 more words
New Testament