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Bacterial infections are a very real and sometimes terrifying thing. Mycobacterium Leprae, commonly known as Leprosy, is one of the oldest, and scariest, bacterial infections known to humankind. 757 more words

FIRE-EARTH Alert: Leishmaniasis

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FIRE-EARTH Alert: Leishmaniasis

  • Leishmaniasis infection rates are increasing among the U.S. soldiers and ecotourists.
  • The military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are responsible for spared  of  the parasitic infection, experts SAY.
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A visit to the local witchdoctor: treating snakebites in Kwale, Kenya

Humans have had to deal with the threat of snakebites as long as humans have existed. While deaths from snakebites are rare, the outcomes are so severe and the nature of the animal so mysterious, that humans have developed all sorts of ways of dealing with them. 981 more words


Neglected Tropical Diseases - a cycle of disease and desperation

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) are a selection of diseases which attract little attention globally, despite infecting up to a million people globally. The reason for this is they effect the worlds ruralist and poorest areas; contributing a significant factor into the cycle of poverty and disease, that limits a community due to the physical cognitive impairment they cause. 105 more words