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Falun Gong Cult Checklist - Shen Yun & NTD - Make Sure You Are Protected!

NTD – Life (Beware – Racist and Homophobic)

The Falun Gong Cult is a US Cold War initiative designed as a play upon the Western lie that the Communist Government of China ‘bans’ all religion. 354 more words

Anti-Falun Gong Cult

Hookworms – Closer to home than you realized

(Image credit: CDC)

By Renee Cerovski

This week, CNN covered the story of a young Canadian couple who returned from their vacation in Punta Cana with hookworms in their feet.  512 more words

Folic Acid Food Fortification

Ever since the articles appeared indicating a higher risk of Neural Tube Disorder (NTD) and Spina Bifada from eating Low Carb, I’ve been reading up on the Federally mandated food fortification program. 191 more words


NTD: Distant Creatures - "A Friend's Halo"

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it! Today’s new track of the day is “A Friend’s Halo” by Distant Creatures. A shoegazing piece of indie rock, the track has a distinctive melancholy to it that’s perfect for the season. 56 more words


NTD: GEO - "Flax Pond"

Today’s new track of the day post is “Flax Pond” by producer GEO. A energetic piece of electronic chill-hop, GEO deliver’s a atmospheric track layered with sonic ideas, intelligent reflection, and interlacing rhythmic elements. 31 more words


NTD: A Grave With No Name - "When I Pass Through Here"

Every once in a while, we at PDMB step outside our comfort zone and try a track we might not normally like. A Grave With No Name’s “When I Pass Through Here” is proof that sometimes that can be a very, very good thing. 50 more words


NTD: Letherette - "Anal Sax"

This track grabs your attention with it’s titular wordplay, but it keeps it with it’s smooth, inciting groove. Today’s New Track of the Day is “Anal Sax” by Letherette. 61 more words