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Understanding Orphaned Files

I was sitting in an Intro to Forensics lecture recently (in my free time, I’m crazy I know) and was explaining orphaned files to a student so thought I’d just write some stuff down about it. 239 more words

Microsoft OneDrive Screws the Pooch

Having OneDrive on a non-NTFS partition is no longer allowed…

Over the past week or so, many, but not all, Microsoft OneDrive users have been dealing with a very confusing and very troubling issue regarding Microsoft OneDrive – If your OneDrive data store is on any other volume other than an NTFS volume, OneDrive will stop synching and display the following error message…

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UEFI:NTFS is a generic bootloader, that is designed to allow boot from an NTFS partition, in pure UEFI mode, even if your system does not natively support it. 111 more words

OneDrive has stopped working on non-NTFS drives

(Source: arstechnica.com)

OneDrive users around the world have been upset to discover that with its latest update, Microsoft’s cloud file syncing and storage system no longer works with anything other than disks formatted with the NTFS file system. 368 more words


Microsoft Forces OneDrive Users to Start Using NTFS

Well hello everyone.  Bet you thought, or hoped, I had fallen victim of the latest “the world is flat” craze and fallen off the edge of the planet.   159 more words


Is your flash drive not working on your OTG-enabled device?

HEADS-UP Before all of this, please check whether your device has the hardware required to support USB OTG (On-The-Go) at a reputed website like GSMArena. If it says your device is compatible, go on. 189 more words


Managing NTFS permissions and ACL’s with PowerShell

We’ll start with inheritance. Sometimes (when creating folder for roaming profiles) we need to disable inheritance in order to avoid users to access other user’s folders. 272 more words