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How NTFS works? Mysterious MFT table.

NTFS was introduced with Windows 2000 operating system.

New features:

– File and Folder level permissions

– Disk compression

– Disk Quotas

– File encryption… 290 more words


Create a Secret Hiding Space in Windows

How to create a secret hiding space for your data within Windows.
by The Windows Club

The Windows operating system offers many tweaks and tricks. If you are aware of these, then you can complete your tasks quickly and in a simple way. 146 more words


Unable to Compress in NTFS

Recently when working with a very old, decrepit server that was running out of disk space I went to compress a folder of logs in NTFS and the compress box was greyed out and I was unable to compress it. 84 more words


NTFS, HSM and remote storage thoughts – Part 2

Hello guys,

Few months later I’m going to continue some old topic – the copy process of NTFS stub files – in my case those created by HSM. 1,259 more words


How do I mount NTFS partitions with execution bit set in Ubuntu?

In early days of Ubuntu, you had to type your password every time you want to mount a partition. Those days have ended. Now, Ubuntu can mount local volume with a single click of the mouse. 403 more words


Server 2012 NTFS File and Folder Permissions

NTFS (New Technology File System) permissions can be applied to files, folders and drives formatted with NTFS file system. NTFS permissions are same since the release of Windows Server 2000. 16 more words

What Is the $MFT ?

-= This information is supplied courtesy of Data Clinic Ltd, http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/ =-

After a format operation, some important system information will be introduced to the hard drive. 405 more words