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mount an NTFS partition automatically upon boot

You want to mount an NTFS partition automatically upon boot.

It is nicely explained here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NTFS-3G#Configuring . To figure out the UUID of a partition, … 42 more words


Alternative Windows NTFS chkdsk /f on linux: ntfsfix

If you try to mount your hard disk and the terminal response is the follow:

 ~ $ sudo mount /dev/sdc1

$MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0). 233 more words
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Setting up Basic Authentication for IIS

Default IIS is configured to allow everyone to open the website you are hostin. If you want to use some form of authentication, you can use Basic Authentication so users must enter their credentials to view the site. 135 more words

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Read and Write Permissions on Arch Linux


The other day I was trying to mount, or better, I was trying to give read and write permissions to myself. Something strange was happening until I figured out the problem.  108 more words


Fixing NTFS Folder ACLs with Powershell


I encountered a problem on a file server when trying to add a new permission to a group that needed to be applied to all our user home directory folders. 1,246 more words


NTFS Streams Eraser revived!

I’ve decided to revive my old tool designed to erase all NTFS Alternate data Streams on a specified partition. In the old days it was designed for Kaspersky Antivirus users in mind, today it’s focused a bit more on Comodo Internet Security users, because Comodo started using NTFS ADS to track origin of files. 99 more words