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NTFS and Linux - An Annoying Relationship

Very recently I wrote a blog about getting rid of FAT32 file systems because the maximum file size that it can handle is 4GB. Read it… 432 more words


Icacls - Usage - Scheduled Tasks


In an earlier post, Raimund Andrée – NTFSSecurity, Link, we spoke of having considered using Microsoft’s icacls to review NTFS permissions.


Let us try using Microsoft’s icacls. 333 more words


Mengenal Filesystem

Apa itu filesystem?

Dalam dunia komputing, kita perlu mengetahui beberapa tipe dari filesystem sebelum melakukan installasi operating system. Filesystem merupakan suatu tipe store data dimana data ini digunakan untuk menyimpan (store), mengambil (retrieve) dan mengupdate suatu set dari files. 353 more words


Get rid of the FAT(32)

Here is one good reason why you can stop using FAT32 file format for your drives.

The Story: I have been using computers since around 2000. 232 more words


Raimund Andrée - NTFSSecurity - Usage Scenario - Day 1


Now that we have downloaded and installed Raimund Andrée’s NTFSSecurity in one of the standard PowerShell Module’s folder, we are ready to write a little test code and see how well it works. 200 more words


Raimund Andrée - NTFSSecurity


As  a quick follow-up to our last post, “Task Scheduler – The user account is unknown, the password is incorrect, or the user account does not have permission to modify the task… 318 more words


Understanding Orphaned Files

I was sitting in an Intro to Forensics lecture recently (in my free time, I’m crazy I know) and was explaining orphaned files to a student so thought I’d just write some stuff down about it. 239 more words