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Getting Access to Existing Fiber

Frontier, the incumbent in West Virginia that bought the property from Verizon, is fighting publicly with Citynet, the biggest competitive telco in the state, about whether they should have to share dark fiber. 770 more words

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Ask a good question

Don’t you just love a great question? My sister Amy asks the most provocative questions – ones that make you think deeply and find new ideas in yourself…. 424 more words


How toxic can the world’s domain controller ICANN get?

An alliance of 47 countries called on ICANN the world domain name distributor back in June 2015, to respect privacy and freedom of expression when allocating top domain names.   627 more words

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Tech industry wants your face, but not your permission

(By Deutsche Welle) Discussions between privacy advocates and tech companies about facial recognition technology have broken down. The industry would not commit itself to obtaining users’ consent before collecting their biometric data. 830 more words

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Privacy groups walk out of US talks on facial recognition guidelines

A 16-month effort to set guidelines for use of facial recognition technology that satisfy consumers’ expectations of privacy and meet existing state laws went up in flames on Tuesday. 878 more words


Privacy Advocates Abandon Facial Recognition Policy Talks In Protest

Facial recognition still kind of sounds like science fiction, but is a tech reality. It is, however, still a fairly new and unregulated reality — nobody quite knows how to handle it. 441 more words

Is the Internet Already Broken?

I’ve always been interested in the people who run the Internet behind the scenes. The process is known as Internet governance and it’s not the kind of topic that makes for many news articles, but the governance process has gotten us to the Internet we have today, which is very impressive. 627 more words

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