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Armed robbery attack - Divinely protected

On the 6th, May 2017 beginning from 3 am in the morning, my street was under an armed robbery attack. I woke up and I started praying, I began to call upon God to protect me. 51 more words


Is God using sickness to teach me a lesson?

Is God using sickness to teach me a lesson?
Answered by Rev. Ntia, the Senior Pastor of Full Life Christian Center:

– No! God will not use satan’s equipment to teach his children! 73 more words

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An Effective Federal Broadband Program, Part 3

This is the third in my series of blogs looking at the best way to administer a federal broadband construction program. Since there is talk of having an infrastructure program that might include money for broadband, I hope that the folks at places like the NTIA are giving these issues some thought. 822 more words

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Control of the Internet

If you follow presidential politics you may have heard a few candidates claim that the US government is giving away control of the Internet. This one puzzled me, and it turns out what they are talking about the transition of the control of the DNS function from US control to a non-profit international body. 637 more words

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What Got Us Here Won't Get Us Out Of Here (What The USA Should Do Right Now To Recover From The ICANN Mess)

The barn door is wide open and the horse is long gone. So, is there still anything that the USA can do to attempt to mitigate some of the risk from the USA Department of Commerce (DOC) not renewing the contract with the Interent Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN)? 1,732 more words

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IANA Transition completed

By Aarti Bhavana

The much-discussed IANA transition has finally been completed, now that the U.S. Government’s contract with ICANN for IANA Functions has expired… 437 more words

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