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What Got Us Here Won't Get Us Out Of Here (What The USA Should Do Right Now To Recover From The ICANN Mess)

The barn door is wide open and the horse is long gone. So, is there still anything that the USA can do to attempt to mitigate some of the risk from the USA Department of Commerce (DOC) not renewing the contract with the Interent Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN)? 1,732 more words

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IANA Transition completed

The much-discussed IANA transition has finally been completed, now that the U.S. Government’s contract with ICANN for IANA Functions has expired. This brings to an end the governmental oversight of these functions, a plan outlined back in… 421 more words

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Y2K 2.0: Is the US government set to “give away the Internet” Saturday?

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Remember the projected Y2K bug disaster? The world’s computers would supposedly go haywire as the clock ticked to January 1, 2000, thus destroying the world and ensuing widespread panic. 2,010 more words


Tech Giants Urge US Congress to Speed Up Internet Handover to Int’l Agency

As the Obama Administration prepares to cede America’s control of the internet, major tech companies have written a letter urging the president to follow through. 320 more words

US to Hand over Control of DNS to ICANN

NTIA has announced that it will hand over the Internet’s Domain Naming System (DNS) to ICANN. #DNS #DomainNamingSystem #Internet

IANA Transition: On track for 30th September

By Aarti Bhavana

With just a month left for the 30th September deadline, ICANN has been busy completing all the tasks required by NTIA to ensure a smooth transition. 829 more words

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