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I think the Syrians are LOVING the pleasure places of Europe

I think the Syrians are LOVING the pleasure places of Europe, from the looks on their faces—white European girls having sex with them for such little money. 61 more words

So yes a titillating evening

So yes a titillating evening— —— the black barmaid in the Dome, three great videos in the kabins, the massive bosom Christina from Italy in the window (and so many other wonderfully sexy girls), and then finding the black-haired black jacket Moroccan girl on the walk back. 93 more words

When will I learn my lesson

When will I learn my lesson, you meet such sexy nubile girls at train stations, classical music concerts, art museums, compared to the poor quality of girls you meet in strip clubs these days. 129 more words

At the supermarket

As the women gather, the bar props up men drinking prosecco to wash down the pain of the hunt and the shame of fondling all those exposed nubile chicken breasts.


On names (specifically, my own).

What’s that thing Shakespeare wrote about roses?  Something about thorns, right?  Drat those awful thorns!

We live in a pretty small town, where there are 30 or so grocery stores, maybe 10 or so “good” ones, and whichever we pick there’s a decent chance somebody shopping or working there will recognize us and stop to chat.  1,405 more words

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