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Bin Night

When humankind becomes extinct in a game of nuclear chicken between Trump and Jong-un and cockroaches, as the dominant species, evolve enough to wonder at our detritis, one of their real puzzles is going to be bins: why so many colours, why so many shapes, were the wheels a status symbol, what about the concrety built-in ones, are they even the same thing?  465 more words

Bin Day

A Web of Mistakes and Misunderstandings that is the Russia-West Relationship

One, in this day and age, hears it said, many a time and oft, that the West is right and the East is wrong, whereas in reality there is no right and wrong, there is only this web of mistakes and misunderstandings that is the Russia-West relationship. 604 more words


Because it might not be OK

We located an on-campus fallout shelter yesterday.

I wasn’t planning on looking for one, but my friend mentioned that one of the buildings she walks past on her way in, a building constructed in 1966, has one of the old fallout shelter signs on its exterior.  512 more words

Ruminations and Reflections: The US Presidential Election

This post is important to me. I say that because I don’t like politics. I don’t like American politics in particular. I feel like it’s an unstable pillar of mismatched agendas headed by a single entity with all the power of a high school student council president. 883 more words

The AI are coming to eat your Braaaains!

There’s been a lot of noise in the past few years about Artificial Intelligence. One of the biggest discussion topics is the fear that upon the creation of the first AI, that AI will then decide to murder us all in a Terminator: Judgement Day style apocalypse. 982 more words


The Backstreet Boys Never Sang About Nuclear Holocaust

I was cleaning my apartment today and I had Pandora set on my “Best of the 80s” channel because I am a thousand years old.  Actually, I’m 29, but I LOVE 80s music.   817 more words

80s Music

Review of 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

In a follow up to the success of Cloverfield (2008), 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) is a loose sequel set in the world of an alien invasion. 507 more words