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What’s Going on? Contradictory Reports Regarding US Nukes on Incirlik Airbase

Contradictory reports spread across the Web regarding the relocation of US nuclear weapons from Incirlik Airbase. Sputnik provides an overview of recent developments around the base. 691 more words

Man Who Wrote About US Nukes Moving From Turkey Stands by His Report


Georgi Gotev, the author of an article about the US transferring its nuclear weapons in Turkey to Romania, insists that the information obtained from his own sources can be trusted, and promised to follow up on this subject.

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Anti-Nuclear Weapons ship ‘Golden Rule’ to Visit / NorthwestCitizen, Guest writer, Ellen Murphy

The ‘Golden Rule’ today. Again drawing attention to U.S. nuclear weapons program.

Ellen Murphy writes about efforts to bring attention to present day unnoticed trillion dollar upgrade of nuclear weapons. 101 more words


US Won’t Apologize for 'Test Blasts' at Hiroshima, Nagasaki that Killed 226,000


Contrary to a popular assertion that nuclear bombs used on civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary to end World War II, US government documents have indicated that the atomic-bomb atrocities were “test blasts” to “justify” weapons development expense.

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What We Choose to Remember

Six days from today, many people around the world will memorialize the people who died in one of the two acts of nuclear war in 1945. 820 more words


1998 The China Connection _Bill Clinton issued waivers to allow shipments of U.S. tech that improved Communist China's missiles | Phyllis Schlafly - Eagle Forum

The fact that (Bill) Clinton personally issued the waivers to allow shipments of U.S. technology that greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of Communist China’s missiles is grounds for impeachment, regardless of whether or not there was any quid pro quo for those decisions. 205 more words


The Road to Armageddon



Are the U.S. and NATO on the road to Armageddon, making a fatal error in gambling that Russia and China are the same post- war devastated countries of half a century ago? 998 more words