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Iran's status quo bias

What Behavioral Science Reveals About the Iran Debate

Of all the findings in behavioral science, the most significant may be “loss aversion,” the idea that people dislike losses a lot more than they like equivalent gains. 105 more words

Behavioral Economics

The Older You Get, The More History Repeats Itself

In World War II there was a contingent primarily in Patton’s Third Army that wanted to turn on the Russians and fight them immediately after the surrender of the Nazis because they were terrible people and could not be trusted… 980 more words


Sen. Johnson: Have you the courage?

An Open Letter to Sen. Ron Johnson:

Every so often a legislator gets a chance to take a courageous step forward.  Now is YOUR time to make that act of fortitude. 500 more words

'Fair And Balanced'

Future Oriented Diplomacy Toward Iran

We did something that infuriated Iranians in 1953 by organizing a coup removing their democratically selected Prime Minister. They did something that properly infuriated us in 1979 by taking our embassy staff hostage. 631 more words

Foreign Affairs

What we Must See in Any Nuclear Deal with Iran

Representative John Kline has presented his view of the current nuclear negotiations with Iran (“What we Must See in Any Nuclear Deal with Iran,” June 24, 2015). 644 more words


Russia to increase nuclear arsenal as U.S. plans more firepower in Europe


MOSCOW — Russia announced Tuesday that it will expand its nuclear arsenal, sparking concerns about a renewed arms race as old Cold War rivals Moscow and Washington plan to increase their military capacity amid rising tensions over Ukraine. 495 more words

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