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Aircraft carrier that survived atomic blasts lies at bottom of Pacific

(CNN) – A former U.S. Navy aircraft carrier that survived a Japanese torpedo strike and was a massive guinea pig for two atomic bomb blasts looks remarkably intact at the bottom of the Pacific, according to federal researchers who surveyed the wreck last month with an underwater drone. 524 more words


"Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams"

A lot of you know Robin Leach for uttering those words. As for the rest of you, you’re no doubt asking “Who the hell is Robin Leach, and what in the world are you talking about?” 432 more words


How can we know?

For seventy years, military technology has very clearly favored the offense. Popular culture has painted a gruesome picture of nuclear war; we have been told that nuclear weapons will vaporize everything they touch, and radiation will render entire regions uninhabitable for years. 1,696 more words

Obama Meets With Jewish American Groups to Sell Them on his "Iran Deal"

President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to assuage the concerns of Jewish Americans over what appears to be his selling out our country to a Nuclear Iran. 1,068 more words


Benadryl-Induced Origami Cats (and how they relate to nuclear bombs)

These were the Benadryl-induced origami cats I made for Christopher’s Easter basket.  I think the last time I did origami was when I was in like third grade and I read that book about the little Japanese girl who is dying from nuclear radiation who is going to make 1,000 paper cranes to create world peace before she died. 105 more words

Nuclear Bombs: Why they are an incredibly stupid risk

Nuclear culture surrounds us in our daily life; The power plant Homer Simpson works at, the Fallout games, Cold War film dramas. Yet the issue of nuclear bombs seems to be rather redundant in the public eye compared to separate issues like say immigration. 1,123 more words