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Neutron Bomb - (Nuclear) bunker buster back in May 2015

An American, mini Nuclear, bomb used by Israel on a non nuclear country, Yemen?

United Nations – complicit by its silence and ineptitude.

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The Berserkers #4

Source of Terminology: United North America Military Corps Digital Field Guide. Please review:
1 Recon – referring to Reconnaissance or a Reconnaissance Operative
2 Mark… 1,549 more words


Richard Corriere's "In Their Own Words." Stephen Cobert and John Kerry on Iran getting nuclear bomb

Richard Corriere’s “In Their Own Words.”  Stephen Cobert and John Kerry on Iran getting nuclear bomb

Cobert.  Aren’t we kicking the nuclear can down the road 15 years? 122 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Pakistan-Musharraf-Butho, November 21, 2007

This is my take on the dangerous Pakistan crisis. After many years enjoying the power backed by USA, Musharraf reelection is jeopardized by an opposition also backed by USA and an increasing religious violence. 78 more words



The only reason I copied today’s news headline to my blog is because president Obama had just signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, almost word by word to the nuclear agreement president Clinton signed with North Korea during his administration. 401 more words

Value Clarification

China-US-Iran agree on Tehran nuclear reactor redo

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Vienna : The three majors in modern history of world – China, US and Iran have reached broad consensus over the modification of Tehran’s Arak nuclear reactor, which had posed serious worries and stood as one of the main concerns going west. 136 more words


China.... (and the IMF) The final push for the NWO

When Hu Jintao fell out of power as the General Secretary of the Communist Party after a scandal involving one of his staff, Christine Lagarde was began wooing Hu’s replacement, XI Jinping who took office in 2012.   848 more words

How We Got Here And What Can We Do About It?