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Last week the president of the United States visited Japan and laid a wreath at Hiroshima, the site of the second atomic bomb drop in World War II.  907 more words

“I Write This as a Warning to the World”

The Daily Express, London, September 5, 1945

Express Staff Reporter Peter Burchett was the first Allied staff reporter to enter the atom-bomb city. He travelled 400 miles from Tokyo alone and unarmed carrying rations for seven meals — food is almost unobtainable in Japan — a black umbrella, and a typewriter. 1,545 more words


Hiroshima and Wilfred Burchett: A few more facts

A Journal of People report

The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima is not forgotten. The incident is again being debated. Following is a report based on an essay, which exposes important aspects of the bombing. 5,549 more words


Hiroshima: What My Japanese Grandfather and American Father Taught Me About Peace

My grandfather was a kamikaze — a successful one. My Japanese mother never met her father so it was hard for her to miss him. Instead, some of her earliest memories were of American G.I.s handing out candy. 989 more words

A-Bomb survivors want Obama to apologize in Hiroshima

A Journal of People report

Japanese survivors of US atomic bombings urged the US president Barack Obama to hear their stories and apologize when he visits Hiroshima. 2,388 more words


Rain Man

  • Description: Win a game after moving Rain tiles at least 250 spaces.
  • Rewards:  Title: Rain Man
  • Expansion: Jungle of the Elements
  • Category: Rain
  • Style: Game…
  • 320 more words