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How to survive a nuclear attack: Not everyone has to die if war breaks out

In this episode of Everything Should Be Better, Tristin Hopper offers some helpful tips on how to survive a nuclear war. Watch the video above, or read the transcript below. 948 more words


Cold-War Warning Signs - Doomed to Repeat?

Reasons for

the Start

of the Cold War

On the April 30, 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the ruins of Berlin. Six days later Germany surrendered, bringing about the final defeat of the Reich he had claimed would last for a thousand years. 2,428 more words


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was built in the 1950’s to memorialize the first victims of a nuclear attack.

The park covers an area which was close to the hypocenter of the blast. 64 more words

Historical Gems

Trump vs Putin , Sprint race

Putin had sex with Trump’s secretary, i.e this slut.

The race had started. Putin and Trump were on the mark.

“ON YOUR MARK!” came the sound, as Putin and Trump were set on the position, ready for the sprint. 289 more words


Links for 11th March, 2019

  1. “Well, I hope the ongoing changes in policy towards the Chinese government, most of which I think are justified as a direct response to Chinese government actions, do not also lead to a general prejudice against ordinary Chinese people or all things Chinese.So far, we haven’t seen that, at least not much.For example, Trump, who’s been utterly shameless in provoking racial and ethnic tensions when it comes to African-Americans, Latinos, Mexicans, Africans — maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t seen the same sort of thing on China yet.Trump seems to put China mostly into the trade/jobs economic section of his brain, rather than the “chaos/social upheaval/white nationalism” section of his brain.
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To My Brother

To My Brother

I am so so sorry
For the dusty, barren road
And I am so so sorry
For the way I strapped you to my back. 266 more words

Akira and the Nuclear Bomb: The Dangers of Science Without a Conscience


Publishing another chapter from my thesis titled Echoes on Celluloid: The Historical Memory of WWII as seen through Japanese Anime.

For more of my work in this subject area, visit the…
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