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The Global Health Implications of a Nuclear War


In recent years, the topic of nuclear weapons has been a hotbed of political controversy across the globe. Many argue that the widespread use of nuclear weapons is a more plausible reality today than ever before, but the threat of nuclear war has existed ever since the culmination of the US Manhattan Project with the first nuclear bomb detonation in Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16, 1945.1 Today, at least nine nations currently possess a combined estimate of 15,500 nuclear warheads.2 Over 90% of these belong to Russia and the United States, each of which have over 7,000 nuclear weapons.2 Although initial major nuclear reports from the 1980s focused on the threat of nuclear war between the US and the former Soviet Union3, today China, India, and Pakistan are all pursuing new missile technology, sea-based nuclear deliveries, and other nuclear advances. 1,763 more words

Issue 8 (Winter 2016)

When the Flash Came

When the flash came
I had just cleared the fourth floor
Confident everyone had made it to the shelter
The steel door closed behind them… 327 more words


How Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton Gave N. Korea the Bomb

Dick Morris explains how two Cucked Democrats helped North Korea get their hands on the Nuclear Bomb and how it could have been avoided.


As Christians, there’s one kind of rumor that we should find ourselves paying close attention to. I’m not talking about the soap opera kind but the one Jesus told us in advance in Matthew 24:6-8, 268 more words


Video: THAAD and the North Korean Threat

The threats, rhetoric and propaganda coming from the DPRK (North Korea) are hard to ignore.  President Trump and his administration have said that turning a blind eye to the North Korea nuclear threat is now over and has been positioning military forces and a carrier strike group in the region. 435 more words


Many People Are Saying N Korea Only Has Cardboard Missiles. Uhh...Paper Cuts Hurt Like Crazy

What a terrible, terrible look for Kim Jong-un.  Big talk from a fat man only to be embarrassed with cardboard missiles is laugh out loud funny all things considered.   40 more words