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Joke/Pun of the day 10/15/16

What was Oppenheimer’s favorite pastime?

…….nuclear fishin’

Bad Jokes

Book Review: Hiroshima by John Hersey

This is an excellent book to start with if you are curious about the bombing of Hiroshima and have little historical context for it. As it stands though the book falls a bit flat on a historical narrative and instead attempts to tell six personal tales about those who managed to survive the bombing. 378 more words


Do not get stress yet,Just click and watch How powerful nuclear bomb is ,

we probably think that nuclear bombs were dropped on japan and that was all about it but now we are letting you know that nuclear bombs are more powerful than you might think. 17 more words


The US Air Force Just Dropped Two Fake Nukes

The tests in the Nevada desert come as tensions rise with Russia and the Pentagon seeks to replace its aging nuclear arsenal.

A pair of U.S. 89 more words


That Was Just a Dream

For many years I had a reoccurring dream about running from a tornado and a nuclear bomb. There was always a white frame church with a steeple directly in the path of the tornado. 160 more words


उरी हमले ने इंदिरा को देश का पहला 'मर्द' पीएम बना दिया!

उरी के बाद नॉस्टैलजिया का ऐसा आलम है कि लोगों कि इंदिरा गांधी की याद आ रही है, वो भी दबा के! कुछ ने यहां तक बता दिया कि इंदिरा भारत की पहली मर्द प्रधानमंत्री थीं.

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Egyptian military official: "Iran will have the nuclear bomb within 2025"

Source: Elfagr.org

Maj. Gen. Samir Faraq, former head of the Moral Affairs Department of the Egyptian Army, attacked the nuclear agreement signed by “US president Obama with Iran”. 44 more words