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Iran: Nuclear deal could be in jeopardy if sanctions not lifted

VIENNA (AP) — Indirectly warning the United States, the head of Iran’s atomic energy agency said Monday that his country’s landmark nuclear deal with the US could be jeopardized by foot-dragging on sanctions relief, promised in exchange for Tehran’s commitment to curb key atomic activities. 370 more words

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Rouhani blames ‘Zionists’ for US ‘violations’ of nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday accused Israel of afflicting the Palestinians with a “web of apartheid policies and atrocities” and accused “Zionist pressure groups” of manipulating the American government into violating the nuclear deal with Tehran. 457 more words

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Obama Administration Now Admitting Iran Deal May be Worsening Iran's Behavior?

Reports are surfacing that the Obama administration may be recognizing that the Iran deal has led to worsening behavior.  (Please refrain from saying “Duh!”) The latest example is Iran’s threat to shoot US Navy surveillance planes down while in international airspace.   82 more words

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Zupta’s nuclear deal: either we end it or it ends South Africa

Jacob Zuma’s nuclear deal will be disastrous for South Africa.

It will literally bankrupt us, diverting billions of rands from poverty reduction projects, while producing a nuclear white elephant in two decades’ time. 307 more words

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US military aid deal to Israel worth over $38 billion

As one of the US’s top allies in the Middle East, Israel is often included in lucrative military deals to ensure their cooperation, as well as to solidify the friendship between the two countries. 436 more words

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Would the middle east be more peaceful if Iran had a nuclear weapon ?

Would the middle east be more peaceful if Iran had a nuclear weapon ?

            Over the years, the predominance of Israel in the middle east has fueled a wave of anger and instability in the middle east, especially due to the american presence supporting this country and being present in the others (Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc). 1,467 more words