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Iran and North Korea provoke Israel and the West

We were offline for 3 days and we seem to have missed a possible outbreak of WW3!

This Ongoing War reports that on Tuesday the Iranians sent a drone over Israel which Israel successfully shot down: 2,206 more words

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Trump is a master in creating ‘self-reinforcing diplomatic failure’

A self-reinforcing (positive feedback) mechanism is a mechanism that reinforces a certain effect, because of the ‘positive’ interplay between variables in a dynamical system. 464 more words

Iran claims to have successfully tested ballistic missile; state media

Iran has successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km (1,200 miles) which it displayed at a military parade on Friday, state media reported on Saturday. 320 more words


Opinion: The world needs more Europe and less Donald Trump

Donald Trump jeopardizes world peace. He is aggravating North Korea and Iran and simultaneously widening the gulf between the US and Europe. But he could learn a thing or two from the Europeans, writes DW’s Max Hofmann. 1,172 more words

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US Politicians Gather to Criticise Iran Regime on Same Day as Trump Addresses UN

Iran Focus

London, 21 Sep – As Donald Trump prepared to speak out against the Iranian Regime and its nuclear deal in his address the United Nations General Assembly, on Tuesday, a non-governmental organization which also opposes the deal was holding its annual summit nearby. 366 more words


Rouhani: accord can't be renegotiated

Iran’s president Rouhani said  its nuclear accord with world powers cannot be renegotiated, after President Trump administration warned it was weighing whether the deal signed by its predecessor served U.S. 150 more words