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I re-joined the Labour Party at the end of 2015 (after over 30 years) because of the hugely inspiring and courageous interview given by Jeremy Corbyn saying that he would not detonate nuclear weapons if he became prime minister. 870 more words


Impression of the Guest Lecture delivered by H.E. CG Weeramantry

Today, I attended an inspiring guest lecture delivered by H.E. CG Weeramantry, a former Vice President and Judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), most famous for his dissenting and separate opinions on nuclear weapons and sustainable development. 271 more words


No Daily Beast, North Korea can't Nuke the U.S

After reading an article on the Daily Beast, I decided now was the time to tackle the issue of nuclear security. In the article the author suggested that the North Koreans could smuggle two spheres of uranium the size of a grapefruit into the United States, assemble a functional nuclear bomb and detonate it in a major American city. 956 more words


Fallout 4, and Why Millennials Don't Care About Nuclear War

Recently, I read an article on Federation of American Scientist’s Bulletin of Atomic Scientists blog regarding youth perceptions of nuclear weapons and ways to educate them about nuclear arms. 844 more words


How Nuclear Bombs Work

Given North Korea’s recent saber rattling and bomb photos it might be a good idea to give a rundown of how nuclear weapons work. While this article will not cover thermonuclear weapons or specifics on certain types, it will give you a good idea of what the North Koreans are up to and what a nuclear weapon actually is. 870 more words


Fukushima Never Forgets its Past, but Forges Ahead and Serves as a Lesson for the Whole World

20 March 2016 | 2:30 PM: The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace conducted a programme called ‘Voices from Fukushima: Five Years of an Ongoing Accident’ at JNU to raise awareness of nuclear disasters. 770 more words