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The Rainbow Warrior (almost) 30 years on

On the 10th of July 1985 a friendly nation committed an act of terrorism on New Zealand territory. No allies or friendly counties criticised France for the sinking of the Rainbow warrior in Auckland Harbour and the killing of a crew member. 107 more words

New Zealand

The tail wagged the dog! Who cares?

The Review conference of the Non-proliferation Treaty ended Friday, May 22, without a final document being accepted. Up until the very end it seemed that the conference would end with a non-committal document. 418 more words

Nuclear Weapons

Guns and Roses: The UN Delivers Uneven Messaging on Disarmament and Development, Dr. Robert Zuber

The week just ended did not always bode well for the United Nations in its efforts to find meaningful consensus on core issues affecting the health and sustainability of our planet. 1,458 more words

Progress on Nuclear Disarmament Has Always Depended on Non-Nuclear-Armed States and Civil Society

This is the final piece in my series onDeconstructing Nuclear Discourse at the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference”. It is republished from… 1,095 more words

2015 NPT Review Conference outcome is the Humanitarian Pledge

Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will of WILPF

The final document of the NPT Review Conference was prevented from being adopted by Israel—a non-state party. The US, UK, and Canada issued statements refusing to accept the proposal on convening a meeting about potentially developing a Middle East weapon of mass destruction free zone, thus preventing the adoption of what would have been the weakest disarmament outcome in the Treaty’s recent history. 551 more words

Nuclear Weapons

Mary Beaudoin: U.S. Weapons across the High Seas to the Lost Continent of Eurasia

 Americans need to ask who is provoking who? Who is invading regions of the world far from home? Who is spurning efforts at multi-polar power sharing?

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Military Madness

¡Ya Basta! It’s all about the ban

 Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will of WILPF

The President’s new draft text for Main Committee I issued Thursday morning is a nuclear-armed state text. It sells out nuclear disarmament and serves those who seek to preserve and embolden the false perception of legitimacy of nuclear weapons asserted by nuclear-armed and their nuclear allied states. 1,191 more words

Nuclear Weapons