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Lib Dem Spring Conference 2017 - Report

Almost a year on from first joining the Liberal Democrats, this weekend I found myself in York attending my first conference. My thoughts on what was no doubt an overall wonderful experience follow below: 1,049 more words


Prepared Speech on Recent North Korean Bellicosity and Advancements

My fellow Americans, The threat and progress of the nuclear, and ballistic missile threat of the rogue North Korean regime has grown rapidly in the last two years. 769 more words

East Asian Affairs

Why should Trump―or anyone―be able to launch a nuclear war?

The accession of Donald Trump to the US presidency brings us face-to-face with a question that many have tried to avoid since 1945: Should anyone have the right to plunge the world into a nuclear holocaust? 822 more words

Nuclear Weapons

An American in Hiroshima

I went to Hiroshima, Japan not knowing what to expect*.  A nuclear fall-out zone, maybe?  Hostile glares from anyone who guessed I might be American?  All I knew about the city was that my country dropped an atomic bomb on it in 1945, so the images that came to my mind were grainy black and white and dominated by a mushroom cloud. 545 more words


An open letter to Presidents Trump and Putin

The following is an open letter to Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, signed by David Krieger, president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and others.  811 more words

War And Peace

People Power: Fighting for Peace

2017 offers a very rare chance to see the original sketches of the ‘peace symbol’.  Special Collections and the Trustees of the Commonweal Collection are lending them to a major exhibition at the IWM, People Power: Fighting for Peace. 181 more words


IPPNW welcomes China’s call to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons; urges leadership at UN treaty negotiations

IPPNW welcomes the statement by Chinese President Xi Jinping that “nuclear weapons … should be completely prohibited and destroyed over time to make the world free of them.” President Xi’s remarks, made during a speech on January 18 at the United Nations in Geneva, were consistent with China’s long-standing official support for nuclear disarmament, and come as the UN is preparing to convene negotiations on a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. 261 more words

Nuclear Weapons