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Is nuclear disarmament realistic?

In recent weeks, the world witnessed a historic agreement, a deal brokered between Iran and the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France and Germany (P5+1) to roll back Iran’s nuclear program. 561 more words


Who are the nuclear scofflaws?

Given all the frothing by hawkish US Senators about Iran’s possible development of nuclear weapons, one might think that Iran was violating the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 792 more words

Nuclear Weapons

South Africa and the Bomb

A recent Washington Post article reports that South Africa has a significant stockpile of highly enriched uranium and has rebuffed US entreaties to relinquish the bomb-grade material. 334 more words

Nuclear Disarmament

Scottish Politics and Nuclear Weapons

Support among the voters for maintaining Trident has been on the decline in Scotland for many years. An opinion poll in 2013 showed support for a Trident replacement at a mere 14%. 433 more words


Nuclear arms control event 20 March 2015

What progress has been made in global nuclear disarmament in the last years? How does it relate to non-proliferation, nuclear security and peaceful uses of nuclear energy? 80 more words


Why ban nuclear weapons? Ask the French president

President François Hollande of France has explained to the world why nuclear weapons must be banned and eliminated. Not intentionally, of course. Not because he made the fallacious argument that nuclear weapons make France more secure in a dangerous world (although he did); not because he lumped every conceivable and inconceivable threat to France into a confusing hash and came up with nuclear weapons as the final answer to every one (although he did that, too); and not because he shamelessly contradicted himself on the fundamental point that France is a champion of nuclear disarmament but finds its own “nuclear deterrent” indispensible ( 422 more words

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