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Why aren’t the candidates for US President talking about nuclear war?

When the Cold War ended, we pretty much stopped worrying about nuclear war, but the weapons didn’t go away. More than 15,000 are left in the world today, 95 percent in the arsenals of the U.S. 585 more words

Nuclear Weapons

red explosion - as a plea for peace

Thermal Effects of a Nuclear Explosion

Energy from a nuclear explosion is initially released in several forms of penetrating radiation in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that heat to an equilibrium temperature near that of the interior of the Sun, resulting in vaporization and rapid expansion of existing content.  394 more words

Nathan Ashton

Making ☮ : Where does the peace symbol come from?

On this blog, I usually write about the origins of words. Today, I want to write about the origins of symbols, because sometimes words utterly fail us. 546 more words

A win for resolve and courage at First Committee

Guest Editorial

by Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will of WILPF

A few days before the vote on the Mexican-led resolution to establish an open-ended working group (OEWG), US Ambassador Wood said: “It will not succeed”. 1,444 more words

Nuclear Weapons

Monday 9 November 2015 - Military threats to a Jeremy Corbyn Government? Part 2

Last month I posted a blog entry on the military threats being made by an anonymous British Army general who claimed that a Jeremy Corbyn Government could face… 955 more words

The danger of nuclear war is not a thing of the past

by Sergey Kolesnikov

Physicians and medical scientists were the first who recognized the great dangers of a new type of weapon and 70 years ago alerted the world about its devastating effects. 2,226 more words

Nuclear Weapons

I KNOW THE "WHAT" BUT NOT THE "HOW": A talk by Marian Hobbs

The next speaker in our Another World Is Possible series is Marian Hobbs. Marian was a Labour MP between 1996 and 2008. She is a passionate campaigner for nuclear disarmament and helped establish the… 138 more words