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The Left Must Find Its Way Back to Science

With President Trump committing himself to reversing most, if not all, of Obama’s progressive environmental policies and having pulled out of the Paris Accords, I think it is imperative that the Left take a fresh, evidence-based look at their boogeymen. 1,879 more words


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[caption id="attachment_4511" align="alignleft" width="300"] The sweet potato is a naturally occurring GMO (so are you)[/caption] And I would add, in the UK, unreasoning rejection of fracking (even by those who support off-shore oil production) to the list here of environmentally damaging Left presuppositions that urgently need replacement by rational discussion.

Proposed Nuclear Waste Storage in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, U.S.

Yucca Mountain is the proposed site for the Department of Energy’s repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste (EPW majority staff 2006). The facility is located on federally owned land on the western edge of the famous Nevada Test Site, approximately 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas (EPW majority staff 2006). 2,090 more words


Ranger Uranium Mine, Australia

Located within Australia’s Northern Territory, Ranger Uranium mine is the second largest uranium producing mine in Australia and third largest in the world[1]. Operated by Energy Resources of Australia (ERA), uranium drawn from it is exported all over the world to run nuclear power facilities. 1,652 more words


Four Mile Uranium Mine, Australia

Australia has the largest supply of proven uranium reserves globally and in 2015 was the third largest producer of uranium[1]. The Four Mile mine is the most recent Australian uranium mine to begin operation and uses… 1,460 more words


Make this the Summer of Nuclear

Fifty years ago what Wikipedia describes as a “social phenomenon” began spreading across the country, and in some respects around the world. The Summer of Love as it was known marked a deep cultural shift with its roots in an optimism that life could be better – all it took was a will to change the status quo. 1,008 more words

Nuclear Energy

Hillary Clinton has Mueller transfer Uranium to Russia on a tarmac

What is it with the relationship with Mueller and Hillary Clinton? I would want to ask Mueller what was he doing out on a tarmac transferring Uranium to Russia? 382 more words

Reliability of Energy Sources

The reliability of an energy source is an important economic factor. Since large sums of electricity cannot be stored at a time, energy supply must meet energy demand in real time. 612 more words

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