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Global Energy: IEA Sees China Overtaking US as Biggest Nuclear Energy Nation

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China will more than triple its nuclear energy capacity over the next 20 years, making it the world’s largest nuclear power producer. 428 more words

Mozambique Energy Industry

Exposing Fukushima Lies - humanERROR

A must watch. Don’t be put off, it’s in Japanese but the captions tell it like it is. Learn some truth about Fukushima. Mainstream won’t be telling you any time soon…


Energy, climate change and Peace: the relation between them and the future perspectives

Everyday it becomes clearer: one of the main causes of conflict in the world is resources, especially energetic resources such as oil and gas (which were among the causes of the most recent conflicts). 593 more words

International Relations

2 Minutes To Midnight: How Kate Brown's Plutopia Is A Cautionary Tale

The threat of nuclear annihilation is nothing new for the world. Heck, it was only a few weeks ago that scientists announced that the Doomsday Clock… 556 more words

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Certainty breeds intolerance

Certainty is usually thought of as a virtue, and we often regard those who lack firm views on an issue as indecisive or weak. In fact, it can be a mixed blessing, with a refusal to change position sometimes leading to far more harm than good. 954 more words


Meltdown!: The Nuclear Disaster in Japan and Our Energy future

IN SPRING OF 2011 a large earthquake struck the western part of the Pacific Rim right on a large nuclear power plant (Fuckashima) in Japan. Many of us remember the devastation and we are still living with the uncertainty of what really happened to that nuclear power plant and how it effects what we eat or drink 135 more words

Readings on Managing Nuclear Waste

  • Important Extracts
    • Figure 2.1. Locations of Nuclear Weapons Production and Assembly Activities…
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