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Scientists find a link between children's cancer and Fukushima radiation

A new study has found that children living around Japan’s Fukushima, where in 2011 a tsunami caused a nuclear reactor to melt down, are diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a rate that is 20 to 50 times higher than normal. 133 more words

McMansions and Minivans for all Mankind.

Watching the reactions to the roll out of Ecomodernism has been fascinating to me. I never realized how much infighting and competition there was between the different schools of thought within environmentalism. 1,206 more words


The U.S. has No Plan for Nuclear Waste

The fight to address the nation’s growing nuclear waste problem is not a technological one, but a political one. Misinformation and irrational fears have served to keep many people opposed to the long term solution of a nuclear waste repository, but the irony is that failing to relocate the waste is far more dangerous. 712 more words


Duke Energy encourages the Carolinas to “get to know nuclear”

Do you have a smoke detector? Have you ever used nonstick cookware? Are you a Duke Energy customer? Chances are you have benefited from nuclear technology and not even realized it. 330 more words

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Bringing together military veterans and the energy industry

(Post by Kelley Ferrantelli, EN Human Resources)

Visit any nuclear energy facility control room across the country and it’s highly likely you will meet a veteran. 584 more words

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World Leader Goes To The UN And Drops Bombshell Claim About Obama Admin And Iran

this article is greatly disturbing. this shows the treachery and deceptiveness of the current President of the United States and his administration! he has gone behind the backs of the American people to try to gain nuclear fuel for Iran. 156 more words


EcoModernism and Coal: Or How to Get Out of Thanksgiving Dinner

In the unlikely event that this blog gets picked up by unfriendly forces, meaning anyone besides my friends and Twitter buddies, I want to make a full disclosure that I am directly tied to the coal industry. 592 more words