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My Project

So, our sir of Pollution Control Technologies told us to make a poster regarding environment, sustainability, or renewable energy three weeks ago. Yeah, of course, I and almost my whole class made it in the last two or three days. 30 more words


Area Students Explore Careers at Catawba Nuclear Station

Last year, when a local Clover, S.C., high school parent asked the Catawba Nuclear Station vice president if the station offered a high school internship, he had no idea his question would lead to a career exploration day for his son and other students interested in nuclear. 292 more words

Duke Energy

Great Power and Great Responsibility: Belgium’s Nuclear Energy Quandaries

I don’t know about you, but every time I start wading into a news story featuring nuclear anything, I start feeling like we, collectively, as humans, have basically been a toddler that somehow unlocked grandpa’s gun cabinet for the last 75 years or so – we’ve found this Shiny Thing that occasionally goes bang in exciting ways and now we want to see what else we can do with it. 1,286 more words


It's about value (and the future)

Matt Wald at the Nuclear Energy Institute wrote an important piece this week about energy policy and the current state of electricity markets. (He gets added points for working in a Joni Mitchell reference). 647 more words

Nuclear Energy

7 Things We Learned From Brainstorm E

I left San Diego this morning, after two days at Fortune Brainstorm E, feeling oddly both more optimistic and more pessimistic about the world’s energy and environmental challenges. 279 more words


Nuclear Power Will Be an Undeniable Power Source In The Future

Nuclear power has long been controversial, and the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 cemented its image as risky and dangerous.

But the U.S.—and the world—might need to rethink that position. 359 more words


Left in the wind: Missouri behind other states in transitioning from fossil-fueled energies

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Today 78 percent of Missouri’s electricity comes from coal. Replace coal and other fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy, and Missouri could be powered by wind, solar farms and solar panels mounted on top of homes and businesses. 2,607 more words