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Nigerian Emerges First Black Student To Build A Nuclear Fusor

Nigerian teenager, Steven Udotong, has invented a nuclear energy fusor, making him the first black student to attain such feat.

A fusor is a device that uses an electric field to heat ions to suitable condition for nuclear fusion. 377 more words


DoE considering Sulu as site for nuclear plant

THE Department of Energy (DoE) is studying the possibility of putting up a modular nuclear facility in Sulu ahead of a decision on whether the mothballed Bataan nuclear power plant will be rehabilitated or converted into a different power generation project. 230 more words


తగ్గే ప్రసక్తే లేదు

ప్రపంచ పటంలో అణు సాంకేతిక అభివృద్ధి లో ఉత్తర కొరియా డి ప్రముఖ పాత్రనే చెప్పాలి. ఆ దిశగా తనదైన ముద్ర వేస్తూ వస్తోంది ఆ దేశం. అయితే అణు సాంకేతిక అభివృద్ధిలో  ముందంజలో ఉన్న ఇరాన్ వంటి దేశాల పై అమెరికా నిప్పులు గక్కడం గతంలో చూసాం. అయితే ఇరాన్ పై చేసిన ప్రయోగాలు ఉత్తర కొరియా పై చెయ్యడం బహుశా కాస్తారమేమో, ఆ దేశాన్ని ఎం చేయలేక పోతోంది 


Get real, Sierra Club

I’d rather nap than watch a political speech by anybody, but the airwaves were filled with Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination. She mouthed the usual stale liberal bromides, among them “clean energy.” 375 more words


Weapon Physicist Declassifies Rescued Nuclear Test Films

I’m not a fan of nuclear weapons. I’m also not a fan of fucking morons who say nuclear energy and nuclear bombs don’t exist. Yes, that’s the new brand of disinformation being spread around among certain groups. 59 more words


LLNL: Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films

From the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, with a big tip o’ the nib to Esther S: Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films. “The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second…. 76 more words

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