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Renewable and clean energy by B.C.

The Date was April 26th 1986 and a disaster drastically worse than any other of its type before had just begun. It was reactor Number 4. 521 more words


German Of The Day: Angemessen

That means appropriate or suitable.

You know, like the appropriate or suitable compensation that the German government will now how to  pay to  the power companies it expropriated after the infamous (and ongoing) Fukushima Panic Attack of 2011? 55 more words


Rauner & IL General Assembly: Exelon Too Big To Fail

The history of the Big Bank Bailouts of 2008-09 is now repeating itself as farce. The 2016 tsunami of crony capitalist entitlement is scheduled to hit Illinois tomorrow in Clinton, where according to news reports Gov. 29 more words


5 Technological Advances That Promise to Revolutionize The Energy Industry

Recent innovations have brought what to many are the least “liked” energy resources – coal and nuclear energy – to the forefront. From one writer’s idea that Donald Trump may be inadvertently promoting climate change fixes to new ways that nuclear fuel can be utilized (and ultimately cleaned up) – we take a look at five recent discoveries, designs and ideas that have potential for revolutionizing the energy industry. 1,005 more words


CCPI urges government to revive Bataan nuclear plant

The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (CCPI) is urging the government to immediately adopt the use of nuclear energy by reviving the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) to support the country’s competitiveness globally. 142 more words


Dolphins, Merkabah's, Nuclear Energy and the Change Underway... oh My!!!

Boy oh boy has December revved up the engine of life or what!!??  I am back to doing readings with my eyes closed and my hand over my eyes, zip, zap, zoom batman!!   944 more words

The Shift

My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors | Taylor Wilson | TED2013

My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors | Taylor Wilson | TED2013

Taylor Wilson was 14 when he built a nuclear fusion reactor in his parents’ garage. 179 more words