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Ontario's poor emergency planning a disaster waiting to happen, AG says

Amherstburg and the surrounding Windsor-Essex region are among the most vulnerable should a nuclear accident happen with Fermi II in Monroe, Mich., a fact that keeps the town’s fire chief “up at night” and was highlighted in the annual report of Ontario’s auditor general. 992 more words

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Survey shows strong support for Columbia Generating Station

A survey (Columbia 2017 Plant Neighbor Survey 12-17) by Bisconti Research found 87 percent of residents near Columbia Generating Station have a favorable impression of the nuclear energy plant and the way it is operated, which is slightly higher than the national benchmark for nuclear plants. 434 more words

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Jaduguda Uranium Mines

By: Ashley Abraham SFSU 2017

The Jaduguda Mines provide 25% of material that fuel India’s nuclear reactors[1]. However, 28% of the uranium mined are  waste and are then dumped into ponds… 1,185 more words

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How Efficient are the Renewable Energy Resources? [Infographic]

The renewable energy sector is growing fast. Its strength lies in its diversity and its numerous tangible benefits. This infographic explores the different types that are currently in use. 213 more words


The Japanese Government Is Lying to the International Community: the Radiological Situation in and around Fukushima is NOT Safe

A report from NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service, in USA)

The Japanese government has created foreign language websites which provide the information about radiology in general and the radiological situation in Fukushima. 3,237 more words


Frequency, Energy, and Nature of Radiation

We developed a model of an atom where we first focused on the electrons. We then moved on to develop a simple model for the nucleons, especially the proton, which we modelled as consisting of two current loops placed side by side. 655 more words


Energy and the Invisibility Cloak

When looking at energy in terms of visibility, we are never able to physically see the entirety of harm that energy causes when being produced. With the use of centralised energy sources, we have become detached to the reality of where our energy comes from. 511 more words