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It is fairly well known that Albert Einstein was a pacifist. If his aim was to create a nuclear bomb, I suspect he would have done so earlier in his career, especially given that the above-mentioned equation (known as the… 1,307 more words


New technology developed to detect nuclear threats

Researchers from the Northeastern University have found a new way to discover nuclear materials.

Northeastern researchers Swastik Kar and Joong Jun have created a detector that could accurately detect nuclear threats across the globe. 188 more words

Good News

The Trenches of the S&T of Nuclear Energy and what it means for emerging regions (such as SEA)

This post considers what goes on in nuclear science and energy research that could have implications on states, who might add nuclear power into their arsenal of energy production, embarking on expertise acquisition. 909 more words

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Why Nuclear Power Should Not be Part of the Solution to Climate Change

Why Nuclear Power Should Not be Part of the Solution to Climate Change

We saw the images of the Fukushima nuclear plant in the days and weeks after the 2011 earthquake. 1,838 more words


A Response to E&E News and Maxine Joselow

Yesterday, E&E News published a story written by Maxine Joselow which said Generation Atomic is ‘Fake’ and ‘controversial’. It also quoted “critics” and “environmental watchdogs” who say… 960 more words

Of Marches and More

“(Climate change) is along with the prevention of nuclear war the greatest challenge facing humanity today.”

That statement does not contain a lot of wriggle room. 1,107 more words

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Southern Australians Fight Back Against Proposed Nuclear Dumping Site

Disposal of spent nuclear fuel, or nuclear waste, is a rising issue in today’s world. More and more countries continue to develop and produce nuclear energy that results in high levels of extremely toxic waste that needs to be stored in proper locations. 1,440 more words

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