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Energy Policy by Headline

The headline certainly draws attention:

“Switch to Clean Energy Can Be Fast and Cheap”

In energy resource development, “fast” and “cheap” are laudable goals, but are seldom realistic. 1,441 more words

Nuclear Energy

Fusion becoming real?

Remember the time a decade or two ago when two professors announced that they had carried out a fusion reaction? Well, that didn’t work out so well and was soon forgotten. 559 more words

Energy Industry

Nuclear 101: the origins of the elements and nuclear vocabulary

By Molly Olmstead

Noted astronomer and science communicator Carl Sagan once famously said that we are made of “star stuff.” This was no metaphorical claim. 633 more words

Nuclear Energy

Pandora’s Promise delves into nuclear energy’s past, present and future

By Marlee Ellison

Revision (2/10/16): David Ropeik’s stance on the film was clarified.

Is nuclear energy secretly sinister? It depends on whom you talk to. When one lauded expert provides scientific research to support nuclear energy, another fiercely refutes it.  833 more words


Nuclear Professionals Giving Back

Nuclear Professionals Giving Back
Cecil Rhodes and the Maritime Museum

With about 28,000 employees scattered from the Carolinas to Florida and Indiana, and operations spanning 150 years, if you live in or near Duke Energy’s service areas chances are you know someone who works for the company or who did at some point. 795 more words

Duke Energy

EMC2 Announces Breakthrough In Polywell Fusion

Which they have patented. They’re still an experiment or two away from a net-positive device, however.

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India's Tepid French Affair

India’s Republic Day celebrations this year were unusually representative of its state of affairs. Last year, US president Barack Obama had been the chief guest and there had been fanfare about the resolution of the nuclear liability deadlock; 12 months on, there has been little to show for it on the ground. 673 more words