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Rick Perry Wants to Keep (And Run) The Energy Department

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was excited to run the Energy Department he once wanted to close. And now that he’s learned what the agency actually does (hint: Not produce energy), he’s even sorry he campaigned for president on a pledge to eliminate it. 807 more words

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Dancing With The Devil: Australian Uranium in Ukraine

Filed in: Geopolitics Author: Brendan R Hay

In November 2016, a group of Australian federal politicians gathered quietly to take a very quick look at an issue with very long consequences. 850 more words


This Week in Geographic History, January 16 - 22

Here’s an advance look at some of the “This Day in Geographic History” (TDIGH) events coming up this week. For each date, we’ve matched it with a map or visual, background information, and a classroom activity so you can plan ahead. 350 more words

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What you need to know about atomic waste "disposal"

Ok, I recently read a short but striking article dealing with radioactive waste. Not so easy to digest. But I feel like I need to spread the word because many people (as I did) just don’t know what I am going to tell you. 421 more words


New Report: The Climate and Nuclear Security Intersection

By Andrea Rezzonico, Research Consultant

A recent Belfer Center report by Daniel Poneman, Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, former Deputy Secretary of Energy, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Centrus Energy Corp., tackles the relationship between nuclear and climate issues. 328 more words

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Nuclear Energy

Zakria Al Ashwal

Edwin Rojas

Jevone Spence

               What are the effects on nuclear energy on our health?

    The nuclear energy is the energy held in the nucleus of an atom it can be obtained through two types of reactions fission and fusion. 404 more words

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Jason Keehnle

     Nuclear chemistry has come up with a source of energy but should we really use this type of energy? In my opinion it’s very risky but in the long run it’s worth it. 626 more words

Nuclear Energy