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Here are 3 smart reasons why nuclear energy is really bad for us

This video explainer by Kurz Gesagt focuses on why nuclear energy is actually terrible and something we should stop using because it’s so bad. The reasons are pretty obvious: nuclear energy leads to nuclear bombs, nuclear waste is really dangerous and nuclear accidents and disasters are catastrophic. 24 more words

Waiting for a Nuclear Godot

I am not one of the people advocating war with Iran in order to eliminate Iran’s ability to manufacture a nuclear arsenal. I don’t believe that military action is feasible at this point without a large scale invasion and an Iraq-style takeover of the country, which would bring even larger headaches for the occupation forces. 269 more words

Radiation vs. Contamination: What's the Difference?

Ever build a fire and notice falling ash dusting your hair and shoulders? That ash is certainly not something you want to smear in your hair and on your clothing. 544 more words

Duke Energy

The transmutation of nuclear power into 21st Century green energy

Mark Massie and Leslie Dewan giving a TEDx New England presentation on molten salt nuclear reactors.

A new model of nuclear energy is set to radically transform the nuclear power industry in the near future. 1,023 more words

Trends, Observations, Evolution

DoE WIPP Accident Report Released

The Department of Energy has released a report into its investigation into the minor radiation accident at the WIPP site near Carlsbad, NM last year. As had been suspected, the cause of the accident was the use of an improper packing/absorbing material in a waste container. 61 more words


The Other N-word


The US public is split nearly 50/50 between those who favor nuclear power and those who don’t. Because of this, nuclear is often a dirty word in the political arena. 505 more words