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Europeans now have one choice: recognize Crimea or live without heating

Frightening statistics: 

more than 50 million people in the European Union are forced to choose between buying food and paying electricity bills…Bulgarians find themselves in the most critical such situation, where such a choice haunts…

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And The ITER Project Delays Another 10 Years

And will cost another 4 Billion Euro.

Yeah, it will never succeed, it’s a government boondoggle. Meanwhile, there are many next-generation nuclear energy startups, any one of which could succeed. 7 more words

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Chernobyl 30 years on: impact and response

Written by Didier Bourguignon,

In the early hours of 26 April 1986, an incident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and subsequent explosions released nuclear radioactive material into the atmosphere. 403 more words


The Goat and the Racehorse Talk Climate Change

I wrote a piece published here and on Huffington Post last week where I snarked at environmentalists to stop being such dicks. I’m sort of regretting it because it’s not helpful at all even if it felt good to say. 2,280 more words

Fearing a nuclear terror attack, Belgium is giving iodine pills to its entire population

Belgium is giving everyone living within a 100-km (60-mile) radius of its nuclear reactors an iodine pill in case of a nuclear calamity—which turns out to be everyone in Belgium. 339 more words

Fossil Free Greater Manchester

Last week I had the honour of speaking to Ali Abbass, a member of Fossil Free Greater Manchester about their goals for the future and their current projects. 481 more words

Fossil Free GM