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The Puppy

Introduction: Discovering a puppy in a post apocoliptic world makes a little girl’s day but the puppy draws more attention than she bargained for.

The little girl paused in the hallway of the old hotel listening.

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Japan Attacked Again? : Benjamin Fulford April 18th Newsletter Correction

In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake. 60 more words

Geo Watch

Bali bombing was a nuclear bomb


The delivery of American and Israeli micro nukes is always by swimmer to maximize security. You can watch the official American Special Atomic Demolition Munition training film via your Real Media Player by clicking  the left link. 12,404 more words


EMP ATTACK: Will You Live or Die?

It has been documented over and over by reputable sources including the late Dr. Stan Monteith that in the event of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack 90% of the US population would be dead within 1 year.  916 more words


Frame By Frame Analysis Of Tianjin Explosion. Was Tianjin Nuked?

Update: Scintillation and white outs proof of nuclear explosion and temperatures over 4000 C°

Scintillation is based on the distance from the blast. The farther you get away from the blast the less neutron exposure you get.

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Economic Meltdown