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7 Natural Supplements You Should Have in Case of Nuclear Fallout

By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition

ReadyNutrition Readers, this article is going to highlight several effective naturopathic remedies to assist in the removal of radiation from the human body.  1,137 more words


Game Review- "Fallout 4"

I’m not really much of a “gamer”. So, when I recently purchased a PS4, a few friends recommended “Fallout 4” to me. Normally, I am not very good at games where you have to aim & shoot. 358 more words

Shrink-Wrapped World: the Anthropocene

“If all the plastic in the last few decades was clingfilm, there would be enough to put a layer around the whole Earth,” said paleobiologist Jan Zalasiewicz, … 301 more words

Planet Earth

5 Preparations to Survive a Nuclear Attack & Fallout

A nuclear fallout might not be in people’s mind right now if it’s not because of the new Fallout game which is going to be released on November 10, 2015. 779 more words


Covering Up Human Radiation Experimentation

from  Riverfront Times reporting by C.D. Stelzer

Even as it denied the seriousness of nuclear fallout, the government was conducting secret experiments on radiation exposure. A 1986 congressional investigation headed by U.S. 56 more words

Arthur Holly Compton Embraces the Bomb

The majority of the scientific and military community involved in the Manhattan Project remained true believers.

Physicist Arthur Holly Compton, the post-war chancellor of Washington University, became one of the most staunch defenders of Cold War diplomacy. 76 more words

Day 11

After they had both fallen asleep, the boat drifted. At first the current carried them out from the coast, into the ocean’s darkness. Then they hit another current, and the boat moved back towards land, pushed diagonally north. 449 more words