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August Poem 30: Batman, the Very Dark Knight

Would you believe Batman a murderer?

Murdered a goon or three. In cold blood. And

Encouraged Robin’s murder spree as well.

The campy Adam West version Batman… 71 more words


US Government Urges Guam To Avoid Common Beauty Product During Nuclear Fallout

Everyone knows that during a nuclear holocaust, hiding underneath your classroom table is the go-to strategy for staying alive—but apparently the government has a new essential tip: don’t use conditioner. 343 more words

Health & Longevity

Guamanians! Test your civil defense knowledge

Boning up on essential skills for coping with nuclear Armageddon

With the recent dramatic lack of brinksmanship by the Donald, people of Guam have needed a refresher course on what to do in case of nuclear attack. 169 more words


"Fire and Fury"

This past week marked two historical events in 1945 that will never be forgotten – Hiroshima (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9).  Ironically, it was during this same week the tensions continued to rise over the threat of the use of nuclear weapons between the U.S. 253 more words


Russia Covered Up a Nuclear Fallout Worse Than Chernobyl, Confidential Report Reveals

“For many years, this has been a secret.”


The director of Russia’s Institute of Biophysics has uncovered a top secret report on the aftermath of a Soviet nuclear weapons test in Kazakhstan during the 1950s, and has handed it over to… 892 more words


[VIDEO] How Nuclear Weapons Screwed Art Forgers

How Historians Are Using Nuclear Fallout to Find Fake Art

Andrew Tarantola writes:

…Since the start of the 1960s, the art world—especially the modern art world—has been besieged by a torrent of faked “masterpieces.” Peggy Guggenheim (yes,  464 more words

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