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Researching Gojira: Nuclear Fallout And The Wasteland That Follows

From trying to get past my excitement of watching Gojira, and noticing all the get arounds that were used in filming the movie there was, as I mentioned in my first post, a large focus on radioactivity and the unequalled damage it creates. 1,114 more words


It is a curious thing to watch a friendship implode–

the steady flying-apart of atoms of affection

as smiles turn to grimaces and conversation to silence… 100 more words


The Bone Seeker

M.J. McGrath’s character Edie Kiglatuk is an expert animal tracker which comes in handy when trying to find a missing girl. In The Bone Seeker… 298 more words


Nuclear Fallout

A little over a year ago, I made an acquaintance who turned into a friend. We’d see each once in a while and talk or text. 1,715 more words

Mr. Joseph

Nuclear fallout renders Fukushima, nearby towns UNINHABITABLE for next few DECADES

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

FUKUSHIMA, Japan: Radiation, the invisible threat. There is something about having no control over a situation that makes it that much more scary. 226 more words


Cold War

I grew up during the Cold War. Some of you might remember the Civil Defense yellow and black signs that identified the location of nuclear fallout shelters.   582 more words



Turns out that I draw mushroom clouds basically the same way I draw trees.

Evil PSA