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Cold War

I grew up during the Cold War. Some of you might remember the Civil Defense yellow and black signs that identified the location of nuclear fallout shelters.   582 more words



Turns out that I draw mushroom clouds basically the same way I draw trees.

Evil PSA

The Ascension vs. local talent (WWE Main Event, 1/13/15)

Pre-match, The Ascension went into their now-usual spiel. This time, they say that there are no great tag teams of the past, only one great tag team of the future. 168 more words

Professional Wrestling

P’unggye, North Korea.......Nuclear fallout hits Pacific Ocean?

Hello folks,

Today is short and sweet. I have a pretty mundane job which gives me time to think about some odd shit and this came rolling into the forefront of my mind…. 220 more words


A Curse

A Curse

“The caught one! They caught one!”

The cry rings out over the field, startling the boy from his work.

He runs back to town, more noise meeting his ears as he rushes through the streets, more people joining him as they leave their rude houses. 426 more words

Mauve Prose

Nuclear War Scenario’s

Back when a Nuclear War was an ever present threat, the Government built secret survival bunker’s, which most of us didn’t know about. As a teenager I was only aware that when I heard the sirens, I’d only have 4 minutes to wonder if it was real and decide and how to spend the remainder of my life. 948 more words