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Applause for President Obama on Historic Hiroshima Visit

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”
From a passage in Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita

Those words were quoted by one of the 20th century’s most brilliant, most productive, most controversial physicists, the eminent… 1,799 more words


#atzchallenge Nuclear fission

I lived my life in the light of the sun,
working hard, taking pleasure in family activities
but there were dull days when cloud and rain… 179 more words


Proof of the Existence of God

Proof of God’s Existence

Most Bible studiers are very familiar with the words of Scriptural text above. We often observe natural creation around us and clearly see evidence that is all must have had a Maker, a Creator. 1,747 more words

After 70 years, physicists have finally figured out how a fundamental aspect of nuclear fission works

When you shoot neutrons at a big atom, eventually one will collide with it just right, causing it to split into two smaller atoms and some more neutrons, while releasing a whole bunch of energy. 674 more words


A Star in a Jar

You see this purple ball of plasma – basically it’s like a star in a jar
‘Schoolboy, 13, creates nuclear fusion in Penwortham’ Lancashire Evening Post, 5th March, 2014… 162 more words


Simona Cerrato: Storie di donne e di energia

E’ con piacere che annunciamo il prossimo incontro del ciclo di conferenze “Energia, società, ambiente. Tra passato, presente e futuro”, che si terrà il 16 marzo alle ore 17  159 more words


Splitting Up

Apparently the scientists have got it all wrong. If you narrow your eyes and focus hard you can make out individual atoms. And with a steady hand and a sharp knife you can split them in two. 14 more words

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