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China: Russia: U.S Seek to Build Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor by 2030: Why? How Does it Work? Is it Feasible?

*** Departing from GNT™‘s ‘normal’ Nanotechnology beat, we turn to in this series of 3 articles the subject “matter” (pardon the punny) of Nuclear Fission, Fusion and Hybrid Fission-Fusion. 1,725 more words


The Nuclear Follies: No Refunds Possible

Well here is another poem. At it again. Can’t help it. It may be because fools keep rushing in all around me and I’m no angel. 84 more words

Climate Change

Lise Meitner, Otto Frisch, Niels Bohr and the Atomic Bomb

(Adapted from the book: What is Radioactivity? The Basics)


(This article was adapted from the book What is Radioactivity? The Basics)
It would be difficult–perhaps impossible–to write about the development of atomic science without mentioning the contributions of Niels Bohr and Lise Meitner. 556 more words

Nuclear Fission ppt

Nuclear Fission powerpoint presentation with brief explanation and illustration.

Honestly, this ppt is not that good… Just use it as reference…

nuclear fission


Celebrate Power

If you want to save the earth, save the people first. If you want to save the people, get power to them. Affordable fuel and electricity will do more for the environment than anything else anyone can do, and it will save the humans and eliminate needless pain and suffering while doing so. 1,498 more words


[GK] Nuclear Fission and Nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy is used for generation of electricity on large scale. The nuclear forces which binds the protons and neutrons within the nucleus of an atom gets unleashed and produces huge amount of energy. 987 more words

Science And Technology

We Will Go Nuclear

I posted this to Facebook, and as I seem often to do, I decided to record it here:

Nuclear is inevitable. We are going to use uranium. 314 more words