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Wild about Wilde

Not Oscar, but Thomas. Rory Clements has abandoned his Elizabethan hero, John Shakespeare, brother of the more famous William, in favour of a period a little closer to hand: specifically Britain in the late 1930s. 951 more words

NASA Mini-Reactors Could Power Outposts on the Moon and Mars

Any kind of permanent human settlement on the Moon or Mars will need to have power to run all of the various computers, machines, and other equipment needed to live & survive. 298 more words


Studying Physics is a Privilege

Dear Ally,

Welcome to your junior year!

I’m so excited you are taking physics this semester. It’s the perfect time to tell you about a woman who most people consider to be the most significant woman scientist of the 20th century – Lise Meitner. 650 more words

Science in the Bible - Atomic Fission

(2 Minute Read)

Atomic or nuclear fission is a reaction in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts releasing enormous amounts of energy. 711 more words


Nuclear power: the ongoing green controversy


Just over six years ago an earthquake off the coast of Tohoku measuring a whopping 9 on the Richter scale sparked the largest tsunami ever recorded to hit Japan. 2,587 more words

Climate Change