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Nuclear-for-non-peaceful-purposes coming under world scrutiny through the Nobel Peace Prize of 2017

Frankly, I am not entirely sure if this win will actually change anything for nuclear politics. However, it does reignite interest in the issue from the public, perhaps, motivate them to understand the complexity of nuclear technology and how they could be deployed and what ignorance on that issue could do to the world. 156 more words


Excessive force used against fracking protesters in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council originally refused an application for fracking by Cuadrilla at Preston New Road near Little Plumpton, but MP Sajid Javid, Communities Secretary, overruled them and gave the company permission. 56 more words


Fuel debris extraction plan for crippled Fukushima reactors to be revealed soon: sources

A series of photos taken on Jan. 30 shows the inside of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant’s reactor 2 pressure vessel. A specific method for removing debris is set to be revealed soon… 450 more words

Fukushima Daiichi

Trump and Climate Change

So the Donald has pulled out of the Paris agreement and the world is doomed. At least that’s the initial reaction I see from many. If you believe in science — how anyone can not believe in science baffles me — then you already realize this hardly makes any difference. 728 more words


Fukui town mayor floats idea of dry cask storage for nuclear fuel

FUKUI, Japan (Kyodo) — The mayor of a Fukui Prefecture town hosting a Kansai Electric Power Co. nuclear power plant where one of its reactors resumed operations just this month has floated the idea of installing dry cask storage within the plant and keeping ever increasing spent fuel there. 448 more words


On extracting uranium and thorium, and what it means for social impact.

It is a logical conclusion that you cannot have nuclear power without a consistent fuel supply. I am not sure how many Malaysians know that Malaysia is home to companies that offer the extraction of radioactive fuel supply for power generation – although we do not yet have our own power reactor. 268 more words

Managing Nuclear

We're One Step Closer to Pulling Nuclear Fuel Straight Out of the Ocean

Better than digging it out of the ground.

Pulling uranium out of seawater could be a cost-effective way to source nuclear fuel, scientists have found, and the technique could pave the way for coastal countries to switch to nuclear power. 855 more words