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US-Ukraine "partnership" threatens new Chernobyl-style disaster

The company Holtec mentioned here is the company making the San Onofre nuclear waste storage system that the California Coastal Commission approved in 2015 to be installed at the ocean adjacent to millions of people in Southern California. 909 more words

The Future of San Onofre Nuclear Station: A Profile in Political Courage

Mike Aguirre gave a less cheerful presentation and went into the technical aspects, including the pools were fuel is still stored, in order to cool down, as well as the fact that fuel is being put into dry casks and essentially brined. 689 more words

County Of San Diego

North Korea says it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants

Announcement comes day after Pyongyang said it is ready to launch ‘satellites’ on long-range rockets 511 more words


Serious nuclear reactor accidents

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I have recently published a review article about some of the chemistry of a serious nuclear accident, this is in a new journal named “Cogent Chemistry”. 924 more words


Thorium fueled reactors

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It has come to my attention that the thorium based fuel cycle is being discussed in magazines such as “Chemistry World” which is the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 735 more words


Japan still aims to start removing fuel debris from stricken reactors in 2021 -- The Japan Times

To add a little context to the issue of removing molten fuel from Units 1, 2 and 3 of Fukushima Daiichi, keep in mind while reading this article that no one knows exactly where the melted fuel is, and, therefore, making any plans to remove the fuel is based on a leap of faith that someone will first figure out where the fuel is and then figure out how to safely remove it. 241 more words

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