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What is it taking away from us?

Nuclear weapons are wasting our tax money, for one, and time that if needed to be on military, could just as easily be used to do research on how to protect the city from a nuclear attack. 347 more words

Nuclear Issues

Why Should You Care?

A strong military might make you safer, as it can help to repel attackers, but if you use a nuclear bomb against attackers, it could potentially destroy a part of your country. 252 more words

Nuclear Issues

Why Nuclear Weapons Are Bad.

Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction, they can wipe out an entire city and can launch with a press of a few buttons or with a hack . 112 more words

Nuclear Issues

A Faltering Return to Reason: ‘Global Zero’ Less of an Illusion


Vice Admiral (retd.) Vijay Shankar

            Since August of 1945 when two nuclear weapons destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and unimaginable horrors visited over 199,000 of its inhabitants, the world has lived with the implicit fear of widespread annihilation. 883 more words

Geopolitics And Strategic Impulses

State of Play: Non-Proliferation, Fissile Material Cut-offs and Nuclear Transparency


Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar

 Tools that promote a stable nuclear relationship between nations are characterized by a congruence of views on non-proliferation of weapon and vector technologies, fissile material control and strategic transparency; the last makes clear the strategic underpinnings that motivate weapon programmes. 941 more words

Geopolitics And Strategic Impulses

Environmental Battles on the Missile Range

Just west of Alamogordo, New Mexico, the site of the first atomic test in 1945, there is an enormous stretch of land that is off-limits to civilians, known as White Sands Missile Range. 1,035 more words

History Of Science

Swabbing the Bleakness of Sub-Continental Nuclear Instability

By Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar

(This article was first published in the author’s monthly column on the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies website) 1,330 more words

Geopolitics And Strategic Impulses